Club Penguin Rewritten January 2019 Penguin Style Catalog Secrets

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Greetings, Rebels!

Today we bring you the exclusive secrets of the January gift shop catalogue!

Read on to find out what they are:

Page 1

The first page in the clothing section has four secrets:-

Get the Starlit Sombero by clicking the pink flower marked in the red square

Get the Blue Toreo by clicking the pink flower marked in the green square


Get the Fiesta Dress by clicking the triangle on the brown penguin’s sombero, as marked in the picture

Get the Saturated Poncho by clicking the second chillie in the right side of the page

Page 2

The second page of the catalogue hides 4 secrets:

Click on the first tassle of the yellow scarf to obtain the spikette hairdo:

Click the circles on the blue sneakers to get spikester cuffs:

Click on the last key of the green keytar to get Spikester Threads

Click on the laces of the purple shoes to get The Flitter Flutter hairdo:

Page 3

The third page of the catalogue hides two secrets:

Click on the dock in the background of the right page to obtain Pink Sneakers:

Click on the hyphen in “T-Shirts” to obtain the golden wristwatch:

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