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This post will provide a walkthrough for the first PSA mission: Case of The Missing Puffles.

If you don’t know how to access the HQ and the mission panel, click here.

If you wish to attempt the mission yourself, don’t read any further as there will be spoilers!

Teleport to the HQ and click on the mission and then click “Launch Mission” to begin.

After you click “Start Mission“, click on aunt arctic to begin a dialogue during which she’ll tell you about her missing green and purple puffles.

Next, go to the ice rink using either your map or your spy phone and scroll all the way to the right. Click on the bunch of photos on the ground and put them in your inventory.

Now go back to Aunt Arctic’s igloo and give her the pictures. This will begin a dialogue in which she tells says that now she feels like you’ll find her puffles.

Proceed to the puffle shop, scroll all the way to the left, and click on the note on the brown puffle kennel. Decoding the message using your code will translate it to: “G has _ _ pairs of socks”. The number of socks may differ every time, in this example, the number of socks was forty six:-

Now waddle over to the sports shop and click on G to begin a dialogue.
When he asks you if you need something, click the “Yes, please!” option.
After that click on the “Do you have any SPECIAL items?” option and he’ll ask you to tell him how many socks he owns, now enter the number from the code in the note.

If you have the correct answer, the dialogue will continue on and G will show you two gadgets, put them both in your inventory.

Now go to the Ice Berg, click on the life preserver shooter, and click on the stranded penguins at a distance. This will start a minigame in which you have to save the stranded penguins.
Keep the wind direction and speed (shown in the bottom left of your screen) in mind while shooting the preserver, you have unlimited tries to save the penguins.

Now, go to the ski hill and click on the crying penguin who will tell you about his broken telescope.

Click on the red blinking light on your spy phone, click on the wrench that comes out, and then click the telescope stand to fix the telescope. Now the penguin will allow you to look through his telescope, you’ll see Aunt Arctic’s green puffle flying about a mountain peak.

After this. click on the map and go to the Tallest Mountain, scroll all the way up and click on the tip of the mountain to throw your Grappling Hook.

Now climb up the mountain and you will find Aunt Arctic’s puffles!

Once you have completed the mission, don’t forget to click on both the “Get Medal” and “Get Letter” option before clicking end mission.

This will give you the Mission 1 medal and a letter from Aunt Arctic.

Congratulations! You have completed PSA Mission #1.

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