People Column: Interview with Twitchy543

Welcome to the first edition of the People Column of Rebel News Media, where interviews with RF members are published weekly.

This week’s interview is with Administrator Twitchy543!


RNM: What is your New Year’s resolution for 2019?

Twitchy543: I’m not going to list the personal resolutions, but regarding RF is for Operation: Amplification to skyrocket this army to new levels that have never been seen before.

RNM: That’s great, and I’m really excited for the upcoming events. What do you think has been your greatest achievement in all history of RPF/RF?

Twitchy543: Not counting what I’m about to do? Probably moving RF (RPF at the time) to Discord, it was the single moment that caused an immense spark in the revival of the army.

RNM: I honestly prefer Discord a lot more, so good job with that… So I know you said there are some big things coming up in 2019, especially with Operation: Amplification. Can you talk a little bit about some things that might be happening without giving too much away?

Twitchy543: I don’t think I can say much, but we’re actually working on some stuff related to it as we speak, and I’m expecting that troops will be seeing updates within the next week or so. All I’m gonna say is I’m putting the “Federation” back into the Rebel Federation, I’ll let you make of that what you can.

[Note: This interview took place before the declassification of Operation Amplification.]

RNM: It’s okay, and I’m excited for everything that’s upcoming. So going back to 2018, can you tell me a little bit about the hardships that the Rebel Federation has faced this past year, and how we overcame them?

Twitchy543: I just realized how long this year has been … The main hardships we’ve faced have been cycling through a lot of different leaderships and experimenting with a lot of different projects that have been relatively short lived. I’ve put a significantly higher amount of planning into all of the changes that are being made though, so I’m not expecting the same shortcomings to result. We used to have a motto “No end in sight,” but we chopped off a very important part of that motto: through suffering, we fight.

RNM: Yes, I believe the RF is very strong and can overcome almost anything while fighting the good fight. We’re almost done, I just have two more questions. What was your favorite project/event that happened in 2018?

Twitchy543: Restoring the Discord server after it was mass defaced in October 2018, easily. I was on my way to work when that all happened and just seeing the community keep their strength through eachother and be patient enough for me to finish a full shift to get home and actually fix everything was the strongest display of loyalty I’ve ever seen in an army and it emphasized how much the troops actually valued what they were doing to me.

RNM: That’s actually very sweet and I’m glad to be part of such a great army. Last question, what is the biggest thing you are looking forward to in 2019 for the RF? Are there any other things we can look forward to, along with Operation: Amplification?

Twitchy543: OP:AMP is the main one, but I’m working on a lot of other changes in RF that I’m sure will be well received. I’d rather you guys and see them though

RNM: Thank you for letting me interview you today! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Twitchy543: Ftgf ;o


That’s all for the interview of Twitchy543! Special thanks to Kiki for interviewing him.

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– Danielle, RNM Director

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