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Promotions will be out TOMORROW, and if you comment on this post it will give you a good chance at receiving one! Make sure to comment the following

1. Your name on RF chat
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?


  1. seal#5377
    lance corporal

    fight the good fight!

    • seal#5377
      lance corporal
      activity level: 9
      I think I deserve a promotion because RPF is very special to me, I have made many meaningful bonds with other people. I also really like attending events because I always have a blast!

  2. SeaOfSeagulls
    Reason: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i try to attend as many events as possible i guess

  3. [RF] Mestergamer
    Lance Corporal
    Activity: 7
    Reason: I’ve been trying to be more active lately but i’m gonna be more active next week

  4. SarcasticPVP/FBFJFCJH

    SarcasticPVP [FBFJFCJH]
    I am as active in discord and during events as I possibly can. I enjoy growing in this community and hope to continue.

  5. Koloway
    Warrant Officer
    I am active in discord, and have attended multiple events this week, even staying up and going to ones out of my time zone!

  6. Kirigami#8097.
    My rank is recruit.
    Well,as u guys know i live in brazil and sometimes is hard to attend to the events,but ill try harder.(i would is say its between 6-7)

    Well i think deserve this because i can help others(recruits xD),by answering their questions,and that kinda of things.

  7. 1. 🎆ᶜᵖʳ¹²³⁴™✅🎆(🎂²⁴⁷ ᵈᵃʸˢ) 🌟ʳᶠ🌟
    2. Captain
    3. 7
    4. I have been chatting and attending some events so I hope a promotion works this time 🙂

  8. sort (Invander)
    Staff Sergeant
    Eventually, I’ve been attending almost every event, and I’ve been working hard and been active in the server, Perhaps I’ve dedicated and stayed online for 7 hours on the server.

  9. Ghosts
    Lieutenant Colonel

  10. 999999
    Gimme free promo lol

  11. eva
    staff sergeant
    ok ive been a lot less active this week than id like to be but i’ve tried to stay on chat and attend events, christmas was just very time consuming

  12. Chaos
    I’ve been very active in discord. Talking, hyping, etc. I have always been ready for an event and helped out in a few small battles now too.
    FTGF and happy new years!

  13. Summer
    I don’t think I should get a promotion.But why not? I deserve a promotion…probably

  14. Pinkoliv123
    Lance Corporal
    I’ve been attending all the events I can, from events in my region to events out of it. I have been very active on Discord and CPR events, and I want to contribute my skills and experiences to the Rebel Federation.
    Fight the Good Fight!

  15. Coolguy1608
    First lieutenant
    I have attended all EU events this week, I am active and helpful.

  16. 1. Your name on RF chat: Mike
    2. Your rank: Major
    3. Your activity level (1-10): 8
    4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion? Daily recruiting efforts, welcoming new recruits, active moderation of chat, coming to almost all events (excluding the events on the 28th which i still hyped and repeated tactics for on mobile)

    love u RF (redface)

  17. Leothelion255
    Chief Warrant Officer
    this week was my winter break, so i was out doing things a lot so i didn’t attend many events. but i think that when i do attend events i participate a lot and i am really good at getting people hyped and also getting people to do the right thing. i think that i should rank up also because i think i am a very helpful influence around the server and rf itself. one of my main goals believe it or not is to focus more on rf and really be an active and productive member, and promoting me would help me achieve that.

  18. elexonck
    I’ve attended a lot of events this week, done quite a bit of recruiting, and have been pretty active in chat. I’ve only been in the RF a short while but I’ve grown very attached to the atmosphere and the many friends I’ve met. Fight the good fight!👊

  19. JT
    Staff Sergeant
    I’ve attended multiple events, been active in chat, and I even helped Seal (popcorn) level up multiple belts in Card Jitsu. I’ve made many positive contributions to this group. FTGF

  20. noodkes
    I guess I think I deserve a promotion because I’ve attended a couple of events and I’m starting to really get more into RF. I love the idea of this and want to be more involved.

  21. BobTheBleach
    I’ve attended 2 events in this week and hope to get better at attending events plus im really active in chat almost daily.

  22. 1. Lari Bee
    2. Private
    3. 7/10
    4. I’ve joined the RF a while ago, and even though it’s dificcult to keep up with events due to my time zone here in Brazil, I’ve fallen in love with this community and want to participate even more. I’ve attended a couple of events, but I plan on being more active in the future. FTGF <3

  23. Nelly2402
    I try to get on as much as possible in my time frame and i love the positive energy in this community :))

  24. veagan
    i’ve already given up on life, i know i am never getting a promo, not in a million years.

  25. Juancho
    6-7 (try to attend as many events as i can)
    I don’t think that i deserve it,but it would be cool!

  26. BiG bOi
    I just love going to events and chatting with other people that play CPR. I am still a low rank and really want to rank up. Thank you, and FTGF!

  27. kiki
    sergeant first class
    i’ve been going through a lot this week but i’ve still tried to be as active as i can with everything going on. i always try to attend as many events as i can and recruit. honestly idk if i deserve promo this week because i was inactive for a couple days because of things… but yeah. i just love rf a lot and the people in it so even if i don’t get promo, i’m just happy to be here.

  28. brownboy102
    Another busy week for me but I tried to attend more. Made more events than last week and was a little more active in chat.

  29. 2460juan
    Activity level: 6
    I’ve been able to attend some events this past week and I’ve been enjoying being more active! I hope to attend more events and talk more with other members 🙂 FTGF

  30. Name: Joseph
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    I think that I deserve a promotion because I show up to most of the US and EU events and because I’m a nice individual. I hope you pick me for a promotion.

  31. Bryelle (bry)
    I think a promotion would only continue to encourage me to be well engaged in all the RF’s upcoming events. I only joined about a month ago but I have had an awesome time attending events and helping out fellow penguins on CPR. I love this federation and can’t wait to see where we can take it in the future. FTGF!

  32. Name: VewPew
    I feel like I should be promoted because I would contribute everything I can, and I would go to all the events. (I would try too lmao).

    Name: Joseph#1234
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    I think that I deserve a promotion because I show up to most of the US and EU events and because I’m a nice individual. I hope you pick me for a promotion.

  34. I deserve a promotion because Im happy 😀 Gan10

  35. Gamezgirl
    Private first class
    I have been busy because family have been over but have still attended around 4 events this week and been coming on chat at around 1am to make up for the time in the day I haven’t been on

  36. Racer
    Staff Sergeant

    I’ve been attending as many events as I’m able to, and am active on the chat (Usually between 2-5am EST). I really enjoy the company of everyone in the RF and want to get to the point where I can help the group as much as I used to.

  37. kellis
    first lieutenant
    eh, I could have been more active, promote me if you want

  38. Ancient Cryptid (Alina)
    I think I deserve a promotion because, despite travelling and being able to only attend AUSIA events (at 1am, no less), I am persistant with my attendance of events and trying my best to be as active as possible. I am hardworking, and I am always trying to be as friendly as possible with everyone I communicate with.

  39. MDj113/Marija
    Lieutenant Colonel
    This was one of my most active weeks in a while because it is winter break off of school. Thank you for your consideration.

  40. BScharbach2
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Senior Officer
    in the shortened week of 5 days Ive been at 6 events and the last 5 of another one, have multiple hours logged recruiting and have surpassed the 1200 message mark in that shortened time while being busy trying to go to the gym daily. I know i was promoted yesterday for activity but i think there’s the smallest chance I’ve earned another and i want to be sure i comment

  41. Haider 67
    Lieutenant Colonel
    I rejoined about a week ago, since then, I have been active on the chat, tolerable and helpful. I have attended all Ausia events since then. I haven’t really been able to recruit much, I am currently somewhat busy with exams and travelling and what not, and my recruiting attempts probably haven’t brought a single recruit for some reason, perhaps Ill get better at it over time. (And not to mention I am a veteran from ’13 *wink* *wink*).

  42. JakeTheBird
    I am always active on the chat every day I always send a lot of messages and make funny conversations with the other members I also attended a few events (I removed 2 points because I didnt attend that much) I am always friendly to new people and i try helping them however I can. And also-
    Fight the good fight!

  43. Robo Bart
    Staff Sergeant
    I dont wanna spend 50 years on typing so i guess im kinda active?


  44. Cosmin250
    I think I deserve this cause I have been recruiting some people

  45. Annaliese.Lauren
    10/10 (literally 100% of my time since I joined)
    Although new to the Federation, I believe that I have dedicated my time well in helping recruit others, interacting with fellow rebels, and served passionately throughout the streets of blizzard and beyond. I wish to be promoted to help further the reputation and strengthen of the RF. PS. buying the uniforms made me a broke pengu, please don’t let that all be for nothing.

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