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Comment the following information

  1. Your name on the RF site
  2. Your current rank
  3. The number of events you attended this week (From Monday, June 10th)
  4. Any other reasons you feel should be noted while considering your promotion (like recruiting)


I'll see ya in hell


  1. RoyallySuperb
    Master Sergeant
    About… 10 or 9 I think…

  2. BenTheGunn
    Attended 4 or 5 events (not sure)
    Promote the Good Promo

  3. F6sixer
    Brigadier General
    9/9 events attended Wooo.
    I also got 21 recruits this week

  4. diggindino

  5. Dugo1
    6 or 7
    I have exams but i still try to attend to more events than usual for the Rebel Federation !

  6. 100% human
    I attended like 6-8 events I think could be 5-8
    I’d like a promo cuz I’m cool 👌👁️👄👁️👌

  7. Kingstar

  8. Sloaps
    Attended around 5-6 events
    I’ve been active on discord and attempted to recruit.

  9. PurbPlace237
    Private First Class
    Attended 3 events

  10. Cráneo Azul
    Private First Class
    All US/EU events

  11. Chaos
    Promo please
    Can I have a promo?
    I attended events
    Can I have a promo?
    Commenting on the posts helps boost them, making our website more successful
    Can I have promo?

  12. Alfie/ Sugarrush298
    Brigadier General
    Attended about 5 but will be 6 after the EU event.

  13. Flv9
    6 events this week
    I’ve been very active and have hyped a good bit

  14. Mason
    3 official and the random unscheduled one that Twitchy did

    I’ve been trying my best to be more active on the discord server. I’ve gotten a bit busy as of recent because I’m preparing to travel out of state, but I think pulling two all-nighters for AUSIA events this week has been an accomplishment for me aha.

  15. GenerousJJ
    Told I’d get a promotion today

  16. Hi my name is Frost Aka Noob and I’m currently a Private First Class , I didn’t attend any events sadly but I’ve been a little more active than usual , I didn’t break a lot of rules and perhaps I helped other members in the RF community but yeah I don’t really know what I did good for the RF community

  17. Emcee
    7 events, my fave #
    I hit 40 recruits for the Summer event this week, woo! 20 more to go and you bet I’mma get them all this week! 😀

  18. Vinayak
    Lance corporal
    Attended 2
    Will attend all this week if I get over the cold

  19. Name: Jordan82679

    Rank: Private First Class

    I have only attended one event and that was the Adominable Takeover. (2nd largest AUSIA event in CPA history!)

    Although I have participated in one event, I’ve participated in numerous events during the following month (4 events). I’m always trying my best to be active on chat and I’m trying my best to reach goals I am unable to.

    In all seriousness, I enjoy being with the army and what it does and I hope to be promoted soon!

    Fight the good fight.

  20. Bolio


    7 that i know of

    i went to a lot of events and im active in chat

  21. goontersmonkey
    4 events i think , plus the unscheduled one 🙂
    i’ve been more active than usual since i’m not as busy as I used to be and i’ve been having so much fun!!

  22. Gjsolo
    Private first class
    2 events, plus 5 outside this week that i forgot to comment for a promotion for

  23. Lightra (Mathaius)

    Lightra (Mathaius)
    I attended 4 events including Ausia anniversary at Sunday
    I also took pics and hyped a bit and tried to be more active in chat. Also tried to attend Ausia event at work with my phone but it didnt work for me 🙁 I hope Ill get it fixed asap so I can attend even when Im at work. Aaand I attended also US event when it was 2 AM our time in eastern EU.

  24. mariana / witchkiki
    5 events (unsched twitchy event included in number)
    although this week has been hectic for me, i sacrificed a lot to be active in chat and attend as many events as i can!

  25. Agent 73
    4 events

  26. Roqusy
    7 events this week counting Twitchy’s surprise event
    I also got about 4 recruits this week

  27. Penho
    I attended 2 events but I joined this Saturday. The branch battle was my first event and the AUSIA anniversary this Sunday, the second. I hope I will be able to participate in many more events because they are really fun. This is a great community and I am sad I didn’t find you earlier

  28. AbbyTurtleGirl
    Around 7 I believe counting the surprise event
    I got my first recruit this week and I’ve been more active in chat :>

  29. 3.1416tudo
    Private First Class
    1 or 2 I think
    Events are always in the morning for me (4 or 5 am) and that’s why I can’t attend many events but I do my best to wake up early but i’m always late. It’s ok if I don’t get a promo.

  30. naurtle (i think)
    I woke up at 4am to attend that event

  31. Tycho
    Staff Sergeant
    2 events (3 as of later today)
    I try my best to FTGF (with a complicated schedule) and remain as active as possible on chat

  32. dutske
    I attended 5 events this week
    I was too busy to be active on chat

  33. Used up eebee
    Some what active in chat trying my diddly darn hardest not to be toxic. This alone shows my love and passion for this army thing. pls show me some love back, thx.

  34. Elizabeth6133
    Lance Corporal
    I have been active in the discord and have been attending all EU and US events.

  35. Brother 🥖 (Vinzed_N)
    6 events (including Ausia Anniversary.)
    I stayed for all of the Card-Jutsu Tournament and for all the Ausia Anniversary.

  36. brattybottom
    Attended 8 events, can’t make movie or game or whatever it is 🙂

  37. Eli the catcher (Username:Foxinsox)

    I’ve attended 4-5 events this week
    I’ve also promoted the events and been active in discord
    I’ve also got a friend to join the server

  38. ~missmay~
    Active in chat

  39. Koloway
    I attended FIVE events this week, all but one outside of my region, and had over 2300 messages in the chat this week. I spent a lot of time this week making new friends and dedicating myself to the good fight, and for that I think I do deserve a promotion. FTGF!

  40. Ariel [Alienhunter]

    Major I guess
    4 events including the surprise twitchy event from tuesday

  41. Hythonwolf
    Lance corporal
    2 (maybe 3 i forget… :b)
    I’m trying really hard to socialize and hype and stuff
    also ily’all

  42. Taz_Run21
    Attended 2-4 events, had WiFi issues hence late with comment, Wasnt able to contribute much attending event wise, But i Recorded the AUSIA event yesterday(SECOND LARGEST AUSIA IN HISTORY!!) and recruited around 4 people this week. I am also REALLY active in chat, The reason i cant attend lots of events is due to my college,:/ I hope you understand.

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