Comment for Promotion


Comment the following information

  1. Your name on the RF site
  2. Your current rank
  3. The number of events you attended this week (From Monday, June 24th)
  4. Any other reasons you feel should be noted while considering your promotion (like recruiting)


  1. Mindy4IsBack

  2. mariana / witchkiki
    brig gen
    4 events
    uH i probably don’t deserve a promotion BUT i always comment just in case so here i am

  3. Elizabeth6133
    5 events
    I am fairly active on the discord server.

  4. 1- π’’π’Άπ“ƒπ’½π’Άπ“ƒπ’Ήπ‘œπ“‡π’Ά [RPF]
    2- Private
    3- 2 since I joined RPF yesterday
    4- Really like to help anyone that I meet, and I see that I was very well welcomed on the server so I really want to help more!

  5. DiamondRadar #0308
    2 events
    Have been active
    Invited 2 people

  6. Funny bob
    3 events
    I tried to recruit but soon realized I’m completely incapable

  7. SnekQueen
    Attended 2 events
    I’ve also been super active in chat

  8. Avocadobb
    Attended two events??
    I haven’t been able to attend as many events this week but I always take pictures of the ones I do and have been pretty active in the chat when I can be

  9. elexonck
    4 i think but possibly 5 (i know i need to cOUNT)
    i think my chat activity has improved

  10. Tycho
    Attended 6 events (planning on 8 by tommorow)
    I’ve been as active as I can be in chat and try to attend as many events as I can (got work and family staying over) but i am trying my hardest!

    2 or 3 events

  12. Mycydric7
    I attened 3 events This week and might be attending Ausia today
    Well i’ve been pretty active in chat and started to find a way to not get bored on events that’s why i keep Attending events. Progress is climbing people! Fight The Good Fight

  13. IcyMammi
    4 events
    I’d like to believe I was active as I could be despite my medical issues right now but I understand that the next rank up requires plenty of activity and responsibilities. Always will FTGF!

  14. F6sixer
    Major General
    5 so far (I was on leave from Mon-Wed). I will attend both of tomorrow’s events. I’ve recruited seven so far (I’ll try to get 12-15 in total before tomorrow’s EU/US events and will post an update here). I’m also very active in main. FTGF!

  15. Sloaps
    Attended around 4-5 events?
    Been fairly active in discord and took event pics for the past few events

    • xColumnProGames
      Attended today.
      I don’t want a promotiom “now”, just wanted to comment so I have a higher chance in the later future. I will try my best to attend more events.

  16. Lanzcp
    attended 3 events i think (attending later ausia)
    I am been active discord(but wed did not being active i was on school)
    i am attending events cause i will be loyal to the rpf community .

  17. ESNinja 501❄ℒ

    ESNinja 501❄ℒ
    I’ve attended at lease 5 or 6 events now and I’m very actice on Discord.
    I attend events because it supports the rebel cause.

  18. RoyallySuperb
    Attended about 4 or 5 events (planning on attending both tomorrow)
    I’m active in chat and I regularly attend events

  19. VenHur

    Private Rank

    I think I roughly attended about two events during this week.

    I am fairly active in the server and snoops in from time to time. This being said, I am not sure if I want another promotion so hastily. Especially when I just got promoted up to Private so very recently.

  20. BenTheGunn
    Attended 7 events

  21. RealJorgen
    5 events
    I have recruited one person, and I try to be active in discord

  22. Roqusy
    Brigadier General
    7/7 events so far, both events tomorrow I will attend as well
    I’ve been recruiting as well this week and have tried to be active more active in chat.

  23. Emcee
    Brigadier General
    7/8 events so far, gonna be at both events tomorrow woo!
    You guys know what I’ve been up to, I think. πŸ™‚

  24. Pinkratgirl
    Brigadier Gen
    5 events (+1 strike force event but I don’t think that counts)
    I’ve been workin really hard on being active in chat whenever I can, along with recruiting more and getting my weekly minutes into the triple digits. Pulled a few all-nighters for recruiting as well πŸ™‚

  25. Koloway
    Brig Gen
    4 events
    I spent many hours recruiting and amassed 14 recruits this week, I have been doing great in chat and helping new and old troops in any way I can. I do truly love the RPF and hope to move forward in the ranks!

  26. 3 events (tough week πŸ™ but i’ll definitely try to make it up)
    been recruiting as much as i could πŸ˜€ – 15 so far
    i try to help out newcomers as much as possible!

  27. Salamander
    3 events
    I mean I don’t know if I do deserve one bUT I thought I should still comment

  28. GenerousJJ
    Was told I would be promoted

  29. BrianRPF
    3 events
    I came this Thursday so could’ve been more but I am attending as many as I can and being active in chat

  30. wasabi barbie (shiso)
    attended one event at like night but it was the only time I was at home out of all events πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  31. klance42069
    brigadier general
    attended 6 events
    I have been active in chat and have tried to be helpful to others! I have recruited when I could despite being busy. I also will be at both of Sunday’s events.

  32. Penho
    6 events
    I hype the events as much as I can and I love hanging with you guys in chat and vc. All my free time is spent chatting with you because you are all so great. FTGF!

  33. Hythonwolf
    2 events, planning to attend the EU today
    I attended 8 events last week and yet was technically demoted in terms of rank no. because of the new role system (went from lance corporal, which was #3 from private, to corporal, now #2 from private). If there was something i did wrong, I’m sorry, but i just wanted an explanation. <3

  34. My discord username is @PyxelPranav #7513 and on the website its PyxelPranav.

    I have a private rank and I have attended 4 events this week.
    I think I should get a promotion because I’m very loyal and active in this army. I attend all important AUSIA events and sometimes the EU too. Thank you, sir/ma’am!

  35. RipplingSapphire

    I attended around 4 events this week because when there are AUSIA events, it’s around 10:30PM where I live and I cant go to the US events because I’m sleeping :/
    I really want to be promoted .

  36. dutske
    attended 2
    -> just to let you know I’m still active
    I really wished I could have attended more though
    and I really hope to attend more events next week

  37. ACutePuffle
    3 events
    I help hyping AUSIA events, and attend them if possible.

  38. Summer
    1 event
    I have been tryin kinda hard to be active, and I rlly wanted a promo for quite some time now…

  39. Waterpelyn
    4 events

  40. Tanseh
    Brigadier General
    Attended 7 events so far (will attend the EU this afternoon)
    (couldn’t comment on two because of the “awaiting moderation)
    Thanks and FTGF! <3

  41. Alfie/ Sugarrush298
    Brigadier General
    I attended about 4.

  42. Tanseh
    7 events (will attend EU this afternoon)
    I’ve been having account issues so couldn’t comment on a couple but i’ll go back and try again
    I’ve been online whenever I can
    Thanks and FTGF!!! <3

  43. sinyi
    3 events
    I’ve tried my best to be active in the discord chat and also taking part in AUSIA events if possible πŸ˜€

  44. Taz_Run21
    Attended 4 or 5 events (including Sunday events)
    Got like 4/6 recruits
    REALLY active in chat. Also placed first in maths in my school. So ithink i deserve a cookie <3 uWu

  45. Tanseh
    Brigadier General
    Attended 7 events so far (will attend the EU this afternoon)
    (couldn’t comment on two because of the β€œawaiting moderation)
    Thanks and FTGF! <3

  46. 100% human
    Attended like 7-8 events
    Being active and cool

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