Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit Update

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Avast, Rebels!

Your CPR News team is back, with an update on the current Island Adventure Party!

The pop-up catalogue has been updated with brand new items. Not only that, but there are new hidden items as well! First, click on the catalogue button in the corner of certain rooms to view the updated items.

If you click on the Apple Tiki Costume‘s necklace, you will find the Strawberry Seat!

Click this same necklace twice to find a new igloo: the Pineapple Igloo!

If you click on The Melon Head‘s headpiece, you will find Watermelon Tiki Paint!

If you click on the Watermelon Mohawk‘s skull, you will find the Watermelon Costume!

If you click on the space in the middle of the Kiwi Costume, you will find the Apple Costume!

Now, let’s check out some of the new free items you can find. Head to the Iceberg and grab your free Watermelon Headband!

Next, you can head to the Forest. Pick up your new Apple Headband and then sit in the apple throne to find the Red Kahuna background!

Finally, check out the Cove. Snag a Pineapple Headband and sit in the pineapple throne to discover the Yellow Kahuna background!

Quick updates on our cream soda hunt. The scoreboard has been updated since the party’s beginning to include instructions. Just click on it to learn more. Additionally, prizes have been added for your own solo collection so collect those barrels and discover even more items! You can see your own count below the overall team counts.

That’s all for this update! Continue to hunt for that cream soda, me hearties! Let us know if you see Rockhopper!

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