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Comment the following information

  1. Your name on the RPF site
  2. Your current rank
  3. The number of events you attended this week (From Monday, September 9th)
  4. Any other reasons you feel should be noted while considering your promotion (like recruiting)


  1. ⚠️ max ⚠️
    7 events ✅
    totw and also extreme discord activity

  2. marucha
    3 events

  3. darthmonky
    3 events
    I’ve been really active in chat

  4. VenHur
    Possibly at around 1-2.
    To further my contribution for the RPF, and guiding new recruits into the next generation.

  5. Electric Yammie
    4 regular events, 1 SF
    Always active in chat &I recruit when I can.

  6. LonkTheBonk
    0 (._.)

  7. I’ve come to burgle your turts!

  8. cassie
    brigadier general
    6 events (and hopefully tomorrow’s eu), one strike force event, podcast
    i’ve recruited 5 people so far this week, i’ve sent nearly 5,000 messages overall this week (3,500 or so in main) and i’ve been active almost every day. i met all the goals my mentor had for me and then some and i plan on keeping this activity up.

  9. I held a baby yesterday

  10. Elizabeth6133
    3 events (sad, ik)
    I have been trying my very best to stay active in chat and have been trying to attend as many events as I can.

  11. Lotte
    1 event rip (planning on sunday’s event tho)
    I spend an ungodly amount of my free time in the chat lol
    And i’ve recruited 5 people this week but only 2 actually replied in the help desk.

  12. Jayns
    2 events and one SF event
    I’ve been decently active in main. I think a few people know who I am aha. I’m trying to attend all the events I can while school is in session.

  13. Mochii
    5 events + 1 sf
    I’ve been active in chat and did some recruiting this week

  14. cassie
    like 1 or 2

  15. CatBallou
    I attended all EU and US events. Due to AUSIA being an hour earlier this week, I wasn’t able to attend any. I attended both strike force trainings and podcast.
    I know this is the role before becoming a mod so it’s only going to get harder from here. I always work hard to attend events and I’m active on main chat as much as I can. I help new recruits get around the server whenever they need me. So if the promo isn’t this week I will continue to work hard to get it.

  16. NotManuGinobili
    5 regular and 2 SF
    Always active in chat and attends several events a week

  17. Monikarlson
    2 events
    I honestly really love this group a lot

  18. Poor Richard
    2-4 events
    I have been active in chat and spent time recruiting

  19. Selene Nora
    Attended 3 events
    To furthur contribute to RPF!
    FTGF <3

  20. 3tadpoles
    i’ve only attended 2 events this week (hopefully tomorrow’s battle too) but i also attended a few last week. i know i don’t talk much in chat but i have lots of potential, i swear! i’ve been coming out of my shell once i get to know more people from events as well as listening in the podcast! i want to make the person who recruited me proud :’)

  21. Agent 73
    Attended approximately 5 events
    I managed to recruit four people. I’ve been as active as I can on chat since band takes a lot of time up on Friday evenings in the fall. Anyways, thanks for reading this. FTGF.

  22. hintoflimeee
    4 full events and like 3/4 of card jitsu
    i’ve been active in chat, i’ve done my best to talk to new recruits and hype events! next promo would also mean i could join strike force and i would love to join to attend more events!

  23. BenTheGunn
    attended 6 events (no SF)
    Exam week for me So didnt recurit enough just got 2 recurits and been active in chat whenever im free.

  24. sy 💙
    3-4 events (not sure if I can attend tonight’s AUSIA)
    I’m having a very important trial exam but I still talked a lot in the chat and also attended events to get promoted

  25. eva
    3 events (planning on sunday ausia too)
    been pretty active in chat uhhh 👊🙋🙋 if u promote me i probably wont retire unless reds my mentor of course xoxo

  26. Borko
    7 events (including sunday)
    Got a recruit and was hyping and sending pics for the events

  27. Rai discourd name in game name raivo1111 and I have allredy attend 4 events rank corporal and today I vil attend on my 5 event + probly get on 6 event to and I am active discourd 247 and I like o welcome all new in server + I love RPF only

  28. Miner
    I attended 0 events sadly i was busy with school
    i think i deserve too be a specialist cause i active in chat sometimes i even tell where the pin is i talk nicely 🙂 if if i get promoted i would apriciate it

  29. sharkboi
    7 events (planning to at least attend eu/us sunday)
    card jitsu master✌️✌️ and i’ve begun to be a bit more active in chat and getting to know people, i also think i got one recruit

  30. Trackling
    4 events (5 events by Sunday)
    Recruited 1 (Will reply to this on Sunday)

  31. PlayWorks


    2 events big scared

  32. Karan Pratap Singh Rana

    Discord: thedesiindian (RPF OF CPR)
    Current Rank: Corporal
    No. of events: 3/4 (AUSIA)
    Other reasons: Made time during exams to attend events

  33. Discord: o r c h i d
    Current Rank: Private
    No. Events: 4 [Ausia and EU and US}
    Other Reasons: i am extremely active on chat and i always attend as many events as i can and i always comment on posts after events that i attend.

  34. AwesomeBob20
    4 AUSIA events
    Active on chat, though trying hard to have both a life in rpf and in school at the same time.

  35. Raneaosama
    4 events (5 when I attend Sunday EU)
    I am an active person and a ginger and if I don’t get promoted then that’s gingecism

  36. WavyyOzzyy
    I attended 4-5 events one of those wasn’t counting 🤦🏽‍♂️
    Wouldn’t mind being in private for another week, I just joined but I’ve been active in the chat and loving every conversation I’ve had and every amazing person I have met! FTGF & RPF FOR LIFE ❤️

  37. aidensw4ggg
    I attended 7 events on my other account
    I was very active recently and I will still be active
    I loved the community for a while the time I’ve been here
    PS-I forgot to comment earlier

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