Comment For Promotion

Howdy RF!

Guess what day it is! Promotions will be out soon, so be sure to comment on this post to ensure your chances of receiving one. Use the following format:

1. Your name on Discord
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?


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  1. Umar
    I am back now so like can i have some promos pls
    active in chat
    i can do 2-3 events a week

  2. Van Vinc
    I attended most events after I was promoted from Recruit

  3. Jcak (thisjacktansley#3240)
    As always, I’m active in text and voice chat and have tried to attend as many events as I can.

  4. veagan
    3. 2.5-3
    since we moved back yo cpr i have attended less cuz the schedule does not say what we play at what days and should be updated because just saying ausia/EU doesn’t help.
    i did attended quite a bit before we moved to cpr but i wil try to improve my7 attendance rate for cpr

  5. JakeTheBird
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I attend events as much as I can even If I have stuff to do and I am active on the chat everyday for the whole day and I hype up events great. That’s why I believe I deserve a promotion

  6. Shanks
    Brigadier general
    I was active in chat and attended all ausia events

  7. Yoogy
    Dab. General
    I attended some events.

  8. Leothelion255
    Master Sergeant
    I think I should be promoted because I’m active on events and in chat, I always help anyone with any problem if I can, and I try to recruit people in real life a lot.

  9. BunnehPrincess
    Private First Class
    I try to be active,chat and go to events when I can

  10. Tessa
    First lieutenant
    I am active in chat and i attend so many events as school and work lets me

  11. Get_a_life/\life sucks

    I think I should get promo because I am active in chat and try to make any event I can considering I have a messed up schedule and sleep schedule due to high school. I am always happy to help out the lower ranks.

  12. Ixythe
    Brigadier General
    I lurk chat and since I returned from final exams, I decided to attend events again, including my first event on Club Penguin Rewritten in a while after many months.

  13. Diamond.D.Bloom
    First Lieutenant
    I attend all AUSIA and EU events (i missed the first 2 ausia events bc of rl problems) , i send pics of the event, im always early and i always comment on posts.

  14. ZUCC
    I feel like I deserve a promotion because I try my best to attend every event even if I have other stuff to do and I am active on the chat everyday and I try to Hype up the events that’s why I think I deserve a promotion

  15. ACutePuffle
    Very active on the discord, I try hyping every day. Not that active on events though…

  16. Scout Medic
    Very Active on main chat an voice chat, i try to stay awake to attend every events and i also like to chat with a lot people, i also post a lot of funny picture to hype up the chat

  17. Cassie
    This week was hard to be active, but I got over 1k messages. I hyped events while at school, and I’ve been very sad that I’m unable to attend lately. <3

  18. Alexan Jr
    I’ve been moderately active this week and plan to be as active as I can be~

  19. coolguy1608
    i’ve been active this week. i’m always online and i always follow the rules so hopefully i can re earn mod back!

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