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Hello RF!

 Promotions will be out soon, so be sure to comment on this post to ensure your chances of receiving one. Use the following format:

1. Your name on Discord
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?


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  1. BScharbach2
    I’ve been active in chat and tried to do events with like 3 projects due
    I’ve also got prior experience to earn a promo

  2. MDj113
    Have attended a lot of events not just US. Been very active in chat.

  3. brownboy102
    have been as active in the discord as i can. was limited in time this week but participated when i could

  4. kellis
    warrant officer
    I believe I deserve a promotion because, despite being horrifically sick and school having end quarter tests this week I have still attended many events and I have been socializing on discord for a long while.

  5. i think i deserve a promotion to major general because i coped the black belt on cpr

  6. JakeTheBird
    I’ve been very active this week attending all AUSIA events (My division) and I have been on can’t every day for hours sending a ton of messages

  7. Corey#3252
    First Sergeant
    Have been very active in chat this week and attended lots of events (even the ones I had to stay up very late for to attend because they weren’t in my time zone aha)

  8. timothy138
    First Sergeant
    Although I can’t make it to events all the time, I’ve been attending them more often especially this week

  9. Umar
    attended events and have been active
    so close to officer ranks🤞🏾

  10. cassie
    Even though I was really busy this week, I was able to attend a bunch of events and I was really active in chat.

  11. Mindy4IsBack
    Lieutenant Colonel

  12. Lizzy
    Private First Class
    Been super active in chat and played TOS!!

  13. Jetropulsion
    chief warrant officer
    2/10 for now
    I haven’t been on bc of family issues

  14. kaju0001
    Second lt
    i haven’t been very active before friday cuz i got my pc back friday after it was broken but i’ve come back with a great comeback. I have been very active on chat all weekend and i attended saturdays EU and hyped for saturdays ausia but i couldn’t attend the ausia. :))

  15. I’m luckystarx78 I joined from this event today

  16. Tasos2017
    Warrant Officer
    I think i deserve a promotion because i am really active and try to attends as many events as possible.Also, i try to keep a positive spirit in discord and help whoever is in need.

  17. FizzyPop
    Sergeant Major
    Literally I haven’t attended any events this week so far, so I doubt I’ll get a promotion.

  18. BunnehPrincess
    Lance Corporal I think(the one above Private First Class)
    2/10 haven’t been as active cause of school but I do talk in chat and am poll writer.

  19. Hi my name is Noob in Rebel Federation and I’m a Technical Sergeant , my activity level is 7/10 because I’m so busy with school and such . The reason why I deserve a promotion is because I never broke a rule this month and I tried my best pulling myself up though I do not like events because of the hype and I usually run away from the events . Thank you for reading and I guess fight the good fight .

  20. Mycydric7
    1st LT
    im really trying my best to attend events but not today because i have a sister to take care of, if i didnt get the promo, i deserved it because im busy

  21. Jimmy38983
    Lieutenant Colonel
    It’s been more than a month and I haven’t missed a single Ausia event, not even a ToS event. I’m active on the chat, and I hype before 30 mins of the event. I always try my best for RF even though I’m busy with school. I didn’t get a promotion last two times, but I think I deserve one this time.

  22. Cindy77
    2nd Lieu.
    I’ve been attending almost every event. I missed one US bc I wasn’t home BUT I’ve been mostly active!

  23. Vishal72002
    Chief Warrant Officer
    Returned from my leave attended the events and all.

  24. Hulk17

    I only just joined but I have been active on Discord and attending events since then

  25. Robert12343/Wolfy Daddt
    i feel i deserve to be a full moderator cuz i helped RPF [Called RF now] in the past but i stopped because i gave up with moderator but if i get moderator now it will help me to make RF better and stronger.

  26. veagan
    its been like 4 comment for promos since i got my last promo but idc rly.
    also these are coming every week now and they used to come every month or so back in rpf
    yeah idk what to write here ~(-_-)~

  27. 1337Mishka
    Lieutenant Colonel
    I feel I deserve a promotion because I am an active member of RF. I attend all EU and AUSIA events. I’m active in chat throughout the day, engaging in conversations with people as much as possible. I also make sure to perform my moderation responsibilities such as regularly hyping events when I can, making event posts, moderating chat, resolving issues and arguments and helping out anybody who needs help. I am a dedicated member of the community and do everything I can to help RF improve and progress as much as possible.

  28. squideni
    Master Sergeant
    I’ve been as active as I can and haven’t been going to events cause I prefer the none cpr events (I missed the last two tos events for Ausia, I have a big Hass assignment)

  29. Hexxer
    Second Lieutenant
    I attend events and i been active a lot, mostly in vc and message, and i also try to help some people in help desk. I been friendly to people and hype in events as usual, im one of the most active junior mods in RF and i do everything to try to improve us, the RF

  30. Roughcut707
    Private First Class
    I’ve recently been more dedicated to trying to make it to events and I also brought my brother into the army, Inferno10

  31. dab
    im klein and i attend ALOT OF EVENTS THIS WEEK which im vv proud of and i talked a lot too. I try to be a good mod and RF IS LIT

  32. coolguy1608
    first lit
    I have attended all EU events, im active and always online everyday.

  33. Zottffss
    Chief Warrant Officer
    Many people say they are active and have been attending events, but I say there is much more than that to earning promotions. Leaders have to see if you are trustoworthy enough to earn the rank, in addition to showing commitment and activity. As for me, I have the maturity to step up as a future leader. I am committed to RF. Right now, as I am typing this up, I am juggling college and life along with RF. I also am mature enough to know when it is time to get serious on an event and when we can relax and just chill. #pokecord. I am not very active off-event but when it is event time, I step out of my comfort zone in pokecord, burst on the field with a vengeance, and show that I am ready to fight and defeat those that dare stand in the way of the legendary Rebel Federation.
    I also am a former 3ic/Head General but it has been far too long since those days that I am working to continue a long lost journey.

    Fight the Good Fight!

  34. 1337mishka
    lieutenant colonel

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