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Good Day RF!

 Promotions will be out soon, so be sure to comment on this post to ensure your chances of receiving one. Use the following format:

1. Your name on Discord
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?


A great man once said that i am hot. That great man was me, I am very hot and great.


  1. MDj113
    I have been really active this week and have attended many events that I was able to!

  2. Vishal72002
    Second Lieutenant
    Hyped event and stuff, missed a event cuz I had exam (who doesn’t have exam).

  3. HurricaneFox
    First Sergeant
    I think I deserve to get a Promotion because I am going to more events after a very long hiatus.

  4. Corey#3252
    Warrant Officer
    Hyped and attended events this week

  5. BScharbach2
    9.3/10 I’ve been an active troops except for missing Friday us bc I had to load up my trailer for my grandpa

  6. Ghosts
    I feel like i deserve a promotion because ive been active on chat and im ready to become a senior officer

  7. Tessa
    I should get a promotion because i finally won over Quis in hangman🤪

  8. Mr. Ribcage#8101
    I’m coming to more and more events, trying to be at both cpr and tos games.

    pls don demot meh pls

  9. Tasos2017
    2nd. Lt.
    I think i deserve a promotion because i was super active this week, not only during events but durinig the whole day. I always try to stay positive, recruit new members and help anyone who is in need.

  10. JakeTheBird
    Lieutenant Colonel
    I’ve been very active in chat as usual. Also I have attended as many events as I can this week despite being super busy with school. I also did some nice recruiting and have helped new members in chat as well as introducing newcomers by assigning roles and telling other penguins about us

  11. [RF] Kam66
    Private Navy
    I am a trash trooper in the RF and im stupid

  12. brownboy102
    staff sergeant
    i’ve attended at least an event per week since joining RF and am active in chat

  13. Mindy4IsBack
    Lieutenant Colonel
    6/10 I guess

  14. KingDuke
    Private First Class
    I try be as active as possible, staying up late for US events and waking up really early for Ausia Events. The worst day of the week is thursdays when I can’t help the best CP Army ever. FTGF.

  15. xxKiraxx
    Chief warrant officer
    I try to attend events put I have not been able to do s. i came into the possesion of a computer, so I can now attend! I love this community and the way it grows. FTGF

  16. coolguy1608
    first lieutenant
    I attend all EU events, I am active, I am online everyday and I’m ready for the next rank.

  17. Hello my name is Noob in Rebel Federation and my rank is First Sergeant , my activity level is around 6.2/10 and I think I deserve a promotion because I haven’t broken any rules lately so yeah , fight the good fight .

  18. 1337Mishka
    Lieutenant Colonel
    I feel I deserve a promotion because lately, I have been very active in the discord. I attended all EU events and a few of the AUSIA events. I regularly talk with everyone in the discord. I also moderate the chat, hype events an hour before starting, I make 2 event posts each week and I help out people who need help. I am a dedicated moderator in RF and do everything I can to help RF improve and progress as much as possible.

  19. IamAPotato (P595033)

    IamAPotato#0740 (P595033)
    HEheheH took a looong break but Im here again at ausia

  20. Silverburg
    I feel like I fit the requirements for Private First Class

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