Hey, Rebels!

This week, the RNM Contest Team has another competition which will put your artistic and creative skills to the test! Continue reading to find out more!

For this week’s contest, three artists will get a chance to win a credit reward and the winner will get a  limited-edition role to show off!

To join, you must send us your best fan art! It could be something as simple as a fight the good fight design or a picture of some RPF penguins. It is really up to you! You have until 6th of August to enter your fan art and you are allowed to submit a total of 3 entries.

To enter, DM your entry to any member of the RNM Contest Team who will have (DM CONTEST ENTRIES) in their name. In addition, you can find out members of the team by doing  .inrole Contests in #music-bot-spam.

We will be judging this on creativity, skill and originality. 

Contest Rules

-Up to three entries per person!

-If someone else has submitted the same artwork as yours, then only the one submitted first will be included in the competition. If this happens we will inform you and you may submit another entry!

-All entries must be appropriate for all age ranges!

-It must be somewhat relevant to the RPF!

Submissions end Tuesday 6th of August.

Good luck to all contestants! 

~Contest Team~

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