The 2020 Club Penguin Rewritten Christmas Party is here, and so is a new party guide for it!  Read on to find out more about it!

Free Items:

Starting off, head over the Book Room (through the Coffee Shop) to pick up a Santa Seat background:

Arcade Rooms and items:

Back again, the Arcade (Upstairs in the Nightclub) has returned with the Sleigh Ride and the Bakery!

To the right is the Bakery. In order to get the two free items in there, you need to enter in the Staff Only door. First off, walk over to the place where aprons are, to get the Cookie Serving Apron.

You can also get the Deluxe Gingerbread House by clicking on the button to open up the oven found on the right.

Moving on, Santa’s Sleigh is found in the door straight ahead in the Arcade. Once you enter, you can play a short mini-game dropping presents into chimneys. Once the ‘present dropper’ at the back of the sleigh is just above a chimney, click the “Present Release” button to score a point!

Once you have successfully delivered 15 presents, head up to the top left to claim your prize:

You can now claim Santa’s Present Bag!

Free Mail Item:

Now for just ten coins only (you don’t have to spend any to receive this item), anyone can send each other a post card that lets you claim a Springy Santa Hat! It specifically has to be the ‘Happy Holidays’ one.

Party Catalog:

For the Holiday Party, there’s now a whole catalog that can be found in the bottom right your screen in any main room. While there aren’t any hidden items, there are a wide variety of them (including some free ones)!

Rockhopper’s Ship:

Making another appearance on the Island, Rockhopper is back on with new Rare Items! There are two secret items in this edition:

Click the bottom part of the house to get the Coins for Change banner, and click the a in ‘Rare’ to get the Coins for Change Paper Chain!

Coins for Change:

Speaking of Coins of Change, click the image of fluffy over the Earth in the top right of the screen to access its menu.

Community Goal:

Beginning with community goals on our journey to explain everything, six free items will eventually become available to everyone across the island once enough coins are donated! Click any number in the circles with a check mark, and click “Collect” to receive your reward.


This is where you can donate your coins to the Coins for Change program to help earn community rewards and stamps (along with each year’s coveted CFC pin). Click “Donate” to access the next screen:

Here, you can choose what cause you would like to support! Pick the one you would like to go with, and head on to the next screen:

Now this is the last and most important part: choosing how much you’d like to donate. You can give either five hundred, one thousand, or ten thousand coins in one go. But no worries if you don’t have more than five hundred! You can donate at any time in the party, and can save up to donate each amount to get all three of the stamps if you don’t have them already.

Once you donate, you will acquire the Volunteer stamp (along with Top Volunteer and/or Epic Volunteer if you donate more than five hundred coins) and the 2020 CFC Pin!

New Rooms and Puffle Designs:

As of right now, there is only one new room on the Island for the party, which can be located from the bottom of the Plaza and Town! It’s very pretty and can lead to some other main rooms, so I definitely recommend checking it out at least once.

Transitioning to puffles now, they’ve been redesigned so that when you walk them, they have holiday hats and noses! The brown puffles are even designed to look like little reindeers.

(As shown in the Pet Shop window)

And as of right now, that’s all for the 2020 Christmas Party!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the CPR-News Team!

-RoyallySuperb, General


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