Hey Rebels!

There is a new play at The Stage this month: Ruby and the Ruby

Including new costumes and set, the play has a secret hidden pin!

To find the pin follow the steps below:

  1. Click the chest of drawers in the top left.
    Click 1
  2. Click the lamp on the desk at the bottom.
    Click 2
  3. Click the bin in the centre section.
    Click 3
  4. Click the book on the desk at the bottom.
    Click 4
  5. Click the vase of flowers near the top right.
    Click 5
  6. Click the painting on the wall on the right side of the Stage, the painting will fall off to reveal a safe.
    Click 6
  7. Click the safe, and it will open to reveal a hidden ruby pin! Click the ruby to collect your prize!
    Click 7

Full Picture

There are also two secret items hidden in the Costume Trunk catalogue:

On page 3, click on the doorknob shown to find a Dark Detective’s Coat

On the very last page, you can drag the “How do I get coins?” sticker down, to reveal a hidden background!

Thanks for reading, and have fun finding all the secrets at The Stage!


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