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This is a guide on how to earn all stamps for the game within Club Penguin Rewritten called Dance Contest. This is located within the Nightclub and is accessible by walking up to it and hitting ‘Play’.

In total there are 9 stamps which can be obtained in Dance Contest, making it one of the smallest games in terms of stamps to earn, following Treasure Hunt.

There are 3 Easy stamps, 1 Medium stamp, 3 Hard stamps and 2 Extreme stamps.

Here is a description of all 9 and a picture of them all:

Bust A Move : Get a combo of 50.

Starting Out : Dance to one song.

Star Puffle : Bring your purple puffle to the dance floor.

Disco Throwdown : Dance to 3 songs in a row.

Raise the Roof : Get a combo of 100.

A Perfect Run : Get an A on Medium difficulty.

Dancing Machine : Dance to 5 songs in a row.

Don’t Stop Movin’ : Get an A on Hard difficulty.

Pure Ice! : Get an A on Extreme difficulty.

Note : You do not need to play the Easy difficulty to get any of the stamps but it can be helpful to start on if you are new to the game.

To get all these stamps, we recruited our new purple puffle Thanos and took him to the dance floor.

In general, these stamps have quite straight forward descriptions on what is needed to obtain them. However, I will give a bit of guidance on how to get the A stamps on Medium, Hard and Extreme.

For the Medium stamp, the score you get doesn’t matter at all. The score just determines how many coins are generated at the end of the run. The important bit is to hit all the notes. You can have a low score but hit all the notes and still get an A.

This is how my run went when I was making this tutorial:

As I don’t find Medium challenging, I managed to hit the majority of notes on Perfect. However it is clear that nothing below Good can be hit otherwise you will get a B. (This even means hitting 1 out of 159 notes on Almost would have resulted in me getting a B.)

I’m also certain that Medium has randomly generated notes and therefore can not be memorized.

For the Hard stamp, it is definitely a step up from Medium and in my personal opinion, is even more difficult than Extreme.

Luckily, this has a fixed pattern and can be memorized with enough practice.

This is how my run went when I was making this tutorial:

The majority of notes were once again Perfect but you can clearly see the amount of Good notes have drastically increased. This again has the same principle in which no notes below Good can be hit in order to get an A.

For the Extreme stamp, it requires more focus but less button smashing as the notes are much faster but there are far less.

This is how my run went when I was making this tutorial:

This difficulty is randomly generated and can not be memorized.

Note: All these dances were done listening to The Generic Way. It is not the most entertaining song but is the first and most likely the easiest.

One tip that I can give you to heavily increase your chances of getting A’s faster is to use a technique that was shown to me by fellow RF member Mike. Huge credit to you!

When playing, you should use two hands instead of one to reduce multi tasking and applying all pressure to one hand.

In Red, I have highlighted the up and the left arrow which should be controlled with your middle finger (left arrow) and your index finger (up arrow) on your left hand.

In Blue, I have highlighted the down arrow and the right arrow which should be controlled with your index finger (down arrow) and your index finger (right arrow) on your right hand.

After collecting all these stamps, your stampbook should look like this:

And you should receive 2x Coin Bonuses now every time you play as shown here after I finished my Extreme run:

Congratulations! You have successfully earned all 9 stamps relating to Dance Contest!

– Wolvesarecool – Major

aka The Dancing Guru


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