Good day, rebel grasshoppers. The art of Card-Jitsu has just made its most anticipated return, and with it comes a brand new party! Channel your inner balance and keep on reading below to discover what this new Card-Jitsu Party has in store for all ninjas. 


If you wish to experience this classic minigame again, head over to the Dojo and speak to Sensei to begin your journey. 

You can click ”Earn your Belts” when talking to Sensei or use the Card-Jitsu mats in the Dojo to play and work towards becoming a Ninja. Once you have obtained the Black Belt, you can choose to ”Challenge Sensei” to finally prove your worth and enter the Ninja Hideout.

If you already became a Ninja and earned your black belt before Flash shut down, you will be able to keep your progression. 

When talking to Sensei, you may also notice a new feature that allows you to reset your Card-Jitsu progress once per year, with a compensation of 10K coins. This can be a nice way of starting a fresh journey and experience getting all the belts again. 

New Items

New Ninja-inspired items are waiting to be purchased! Click on the new icon near the top right corner of the screen to find them.

Additionally, a new play is live in The Stage (accessed from the Plaza) with a special catalog filled with costumes.

1 – Click on the Pig Snout the lime penguin is wearing to get the Guardian Dog Costume. (400 coins)

2 – Click on the eyes of the monkey penguin to get the Phoenix Wings. (400 coins)

3 – Click on the monkey penguin’s right hand to get the Phoenix Dress. (400 coins)

4 – Click on the last ‘o’ in the word ”bamboo” to get The Phoenix. (550 coins)

5 – Click on the ‘Funny Pig Snout’ to get the Guardian Dog Muzzle. (250 coins)

6 – Click the center of the Monkey King Costume to get the Guardian Dog Feet. (200 coins)

7 – Click on the left Monkey King Foot to get the Guardian Dog Hat. (320 coins)

New Rooms

The Card-Jitsu Party has brought a number of changes to almost the entirety of the island! Most rooms have been decorated for the occasion, and there’s even a couple of new additions.

Access the new Ninja Headquarters through the Docks or Forest. This exterior lounge area, showcasing all three elements, is the perfect place to hang out with your fellow ninjas!

The Ninja Hideout is back! Become a true Ninja by obtaining the black belt and defeating Sensei in Card-Jitsu, and you will have full access to it. It even features a returning catalog, with tons of ninja-themed items and igloo furniture.

Unfortunately, Card-Jitsu Fire, Water and Snow, are not yet available, but the CPR team will continue to work hard until they are ready to be added!

That’s all for this party, hope you had fun reading through this guide! Are you also enjoying Card-Jitsu and all the new additions? Let us know in our Discord server. To make sure you don’t miss out on the latest pins, check out our Pin Tracker here.

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