Promotions – 03/21/22

These are the official ranks of the RPF. If you think you should be here but do not see your name, DM a Third in Command, Second in Command, or a Rebel Commander.

To find your name more easily, CTRL+F and then type your name.

Rebel Commander

Elexonck | F6sixer

Second in Command

Jaeun | Link3000 | Moon | Yodabobobo | Yvng Baller | Z3ming

Third in Command

Alienn | Avrillaving2 | Cracked | Princhi | Yas | Yo Gal


Coric | EmeraldGreen | Sharki04

Lieutenant General

Anya | Gabgeirl | Guinz | Pinkpop222

Major General

Imatsoup| lance | LittySkitty | Maggie | Manxy | Master DS

Brigadier General


Officer Cadet

Moonlemur | riptomato


Beanie, cheyanne_c, constellation, cozy, cuppi2704, EllaBella, Ellabella855, esh, EssJay, fooe, ford, heath, Hewer, Jenske, jjsnowflake, Joseph, Junebug, juniesz, Lay, Legacy, MizoreWannabe, shark-petting-zoo, ShaShaurya, Shpec, sluggoop, TehLPSRemixer, TexasToast73, THEBESTBIRD, Theddie, thedillpickle5, Tomtombombomtimtamtamalam, Trackling, xue, Yummy_Palabok


Blank, Joel_FS13, mochii, Rainbowdy, Weeb, WispWisp


CrimsonX, gianna, kotsu, nma, TheHawtsus, Vinzed N


Astrid Lowe, bobaTfan, cheesed3v, Cody, Jubeii, Lunaa, Quix, shinigami


future, Jayfasa, Togepimax, Zauberlehrling


ACutePuffle, agent, Bre432, colton, Drakhe, erik_jjj, Glitchy, jpmg2k, Kanga 283, Lando, shan!, sketchy, the_cutie_pie, XProdigy, ygtzgn, zwk


3blackroc10, blu29h, d4Zz, datoneseal, Ducky5959, EssAreTee99, Bad BB, Caitlin, Calazans, Flamo, Knowah, lenperks, nightshade, pizzadog8, Red, scout, Stamps, starrrrrrr, sweetpea7403


Alex_Skywalkr, alfraidoreemgnf, Alpako, amebaybeh, 𝔸𝕤𝕙, bates, BOBI, Bone, Bubbles99907, catlun, Chai3, cheesegirly, Chrizzz42, ciel !, cloudy, doom, famous guy, ferns, Fish, fishbert, GlacialPine, Guaxinim, Han., Hey_Its_Aristo, Hope, IsoMiau, irisss, Jammydog39, John F. Kennedy, kaia, Kayjoy, Kay_lol, kiki123, KitKat, Kirbo, Kirby_390, kissmekyedae, kittenzrulz123, Legend²8, Loose Moose, mandie, Marayesss, mytearsricochvt, Nedux007, Neniy, Nimer, Noasi, noob bot, OrphanX, Pankcake, Pearl, pes, pew, PinkParis, poisonhoarder, randyt2001, Red MEE6, Rolli3, Runalot, Scarlemagne, Sewaddleverse, SHUBIKI, SchmickSloth, Shy, SirParksALot, slash, slightlyinsaneburntpieceoftoast, Smelephant, Spidey9, s p r i n g2, taylorbaby, Team6YT, TechSupport, Think-Impact, TigerRuler, Toast Alien, violchetty, viperboy39, Wigglytuff, willsmithfan, Young Vikingz, Zenya, zig lolz, 20th television


If you strike at, imprison, or kill us, out of our prisons or graves we will still evoke a spirit that will thwart you, and perhaps, raise a force that will destroy you! We defy you! Do your worst!

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