With the Halloween Party underway, we’ve seen many fun and scary additions to the island, which were revealed in this post. A new activity has appeared at the island, and it has to do with ghost sightings! Brace yourself for some scares and grab some candy while we explore the island in search of any paranormal activity!


To set off on this spooky adventure, simply click on the red Halloween catalog icon at the bottom right corner of the screen, in any of the themed rooms.

You need to find eight ghosts, and you are offered a hint for each of them. Your progress will be tracked in this screen.

Ghost Locations

Each ghost is hidden in different spots around the island, near piles of candy. You will need to search for them, as well as click every single one you find.

Ghost 1 – Cove:

Ghost 2 – Corn Maze:

Ghost 3 – Welcome Room:

Ghost 4 – Cave Mine:

Ghost 5 – Ski Hill:

Ghost 6 – Forest:

Ghost 7 – Beach:

Ghost 8 – Docks:


The grand prize for completing the Hunt and catching all the ghosts is… the Candy Ghost Background for your player card! In case you were not in the hair-raising mood yet, this chilling award should make your penguin fit right in!

This is how the Background will look like on your player card:

We hope you have fun exploring the island while making some ghostly friends during the still ongoing Halloween Party! You can find the location of the most recent pin here. Don’t forget to join our Discord server as well so you can be notified whenever a new guide comes out!

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