Spooky Season is in full swing and with that comes the release of the Halloween Party! Get your spookiest scream on for a packed guide that tells you how to get the most out of this year’s party!

Free Items

To get the Purple Bat Wings, click on the box in the Plaza!

Go inside the Haunted Mansion from the Mine Shack and click on the box at the top of the stairs to get the Ghost Costume.

When you finish the Corn Maze, you will be transported to the Maze Victory room. Click the box in the pond to get the Halloween Lei.

In the Maze Victory room, stand on the red X at the photo booth and click the camera to get the Corn Maze Background.

New Rooms

The release of this year’s party has also brought back some specially decorated and limited time rooms! You can also check out the newly added Welcome Room which has been specially decorated for the season. Many regular rooms have been given an extra sprinkling of spookiness, so make sure to get waddling and explore the island!

Town/Plaza -> Welcome Room
Underground Pool -> Gary’s Lab 
(Boiler Room)
Mine Shack -> Haunted Mansion + Corn Maze
Corn Maze -> Maze Victory

Corn Maze

When you first join the Halloween Party, Gary the Gadget Guy will reach out to you asking for your help! If you choose to accept, you’ll be led to the Corn Maze (at the Mine Shack) to steal a key from Herbert and successfully exit the maze with it. To do so, first, approach Herbert by going left, then grab the key and follow the path shown below. Once you have the key, you can transform into a vampire penguin to re-enter the maze and scare Herbert off for good (at least we hope!), gaining access to the Maze Victory room.


Earn the Path Finder stamp by completing the Corn Maze above!

Vampire Transformation

To morf into a vampire, head to the Inside Mine and walk towards the set of coffins on the bottom left corner of the room.

As a vampire penguin, you can show off some uniquely frightening moves!

Press D to turn into a vampire puffle.

Press W for some vampire-themed animations.

Note: These will change depending on what colour your vampire wings are. To change your vampire type, simply click on Gary’s gadget until you come out with your desired wing colour of choice.

Lavender Winged Vampire

Red Winged Vampire

Green Winged Vampire

Party Catalogues

Halloween Catalog

There are three hidden items in this catalog.

1. Click the Neon Skeleton Costume for the Sea Monster Background (60 coins)

2. Click the buttons on the Purple Rugby Shirt for the Pumpkin Head (0 coins)

3. Click on the left Black Bunny Slipper’s eyes for the Vampire Fangs (50 coins)

Monster Maker Catalog

Thank you for following along with our frightfully fantastic guide to this year’s Halloween party! Check out the Candy Ghost Hunt guide here and don’t forget to pick up the latest pin here. Be sure to join our Discord to be the first to know when we post a new guide!

– Alienn, General
– princhi, Third in Command


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