Another fun week has passed in the RPF, with a lot of Halloween themed activities and events.  With the CPR Halloween Party release everyone’s spirits have been at an all time high and the spooky vibes are stronger than ever.  With every rebel getting into the scary spirit it’s tough to pick out one from the bunch, but one person has stood out this week, and has earned themselves the title of Troop of the Week….

Future has been part of the Rebel Penguin Federation since July of 2021.  At the rank of Corporal he has proved himself to be a great member of the community.  His happy presence in chat is never missed and his excitement about events and overall hype is admirable.  There is no doubt in our mind that future is well deserved of this honour, and has rightfully earned Troop of the Week.

Make sure you congratulate him when you see him in chat!


What kind of a woman doesn't have an axe?

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