It’s starting to feel like Summer over on Club Penguin Rewritten with the arrival of this years Music Jam! Sunset skies and fresh beats surround us on the island, wondering what else is new? Keep reading to find out!

Following the sound of music, you’ll notice something different on the top right of the screen. Next to the Rockhopper’s daily rewards there’s now Music Jam Merchandise! You can log on every day to get a new item. Which one is your favourite?

You can also use this tab to head on over to the cruise ship! Before you are allowed in you will need the VIP PASS though. You can collect this on the bottom left of this screen – for FREE!

Inside the Cruise Ship

There isn’t too much to do other than slide down the waterslides or to chill with friends here but it is a super cool room! You can also reach here via the Ski Village.

Hidden Items

Heading over to the Lighthouse, you may notice the special Music Jam instruments are BACK

Clicking on the dot of the i will give you the chance to buy the Drum Sticks and the Blue Snare Drum!

Secret backgrounds

There’s 2 hidden backgrounds up for grabs in this party!

The first one can be found by pressing E+T in game! 

This should pop up, click Yes.

How it looks on your penguin:


The second one can be found in the Snack Shack (found in snow forts)! First go through the door.

Once in this part of the room, step on the X and click on the camera!

This should pop up, click Yes.

How it looks on your penguin:

That’s all for now, Rebels! Be sure to log on and check out this years Music Jam for yourself! For more information on pins, check it out here. For more information on parties, pin trackers, catalog secrets, mascot trackers, and more, be sure to join our Discord!


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