Roll out the red carpet for the new Penguin Play Awards, a party available from April 23th until May 7th!

There are new rooms, costumes, and free items rolled out daily until the big awards day, so log on every day to get the newest free item!

There are also two new menu buttons: a Penguin Award in the top right, and a Book of Free Items!

If you click the Award, you can collect a daily free item! The current available item is the Premiere Pizza Background!

And in the Bottom right, there are customizable dresses and suits to get fashionable!

By clicking the Bowtie, you can get the White Bowtie! You can also get the White Dress Shoes! And if you click on the Pearl necklace, you can get The Majesty hair piece!

In the Plaza, there are many exciting revamped rooms to explore, and there is a voting booth to select your favorite plays!

vote for squidzoid

Here are a look at some of the rooms in the Plaza and the items they have!


In the Stage Catalog, on the 2nd page, there is a Penguin Awards Background if you click on the Penguin Award!

In the corner of the backstage, you can get the Video Camera!

Pizza Parlor:


There is a free item in the Docks: the Press Hat!

And finally, there is a sweet limo that travels Town, Plaza, and Forts!

That’s all for now! Check back when a new party comes to get all the secrets and new additions to Club Penguin here! Fight the Good Fight!



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