Arghh! The 2022 Club Penguin Rewritten Pirate Party is here just in time to get exploring. So put on your pirate hats and read along to search for all the fun activities, items, and rooms to check out while the party lasts!

Party-Specific Activities


When you first log on, click on the treasure map at the top right corner of your screen. This will take you to the map to Take Down Shellbeard.

Collect the first wooden sword, and head to the first chest on the left.

After you click on the chest, you will be taken to duel Shellbeard’s crabs. To duel, select an action (the first, second, or third circle in the cycle) and wait to see if it hits the crab!

After you defeat those crabs, you will gain 5 coins and unlock the 2 items below it. If the other chests are still locked, make sure to come back the next day to defeat them!

You can also duel other players around the island to gain points and earn more swords. To do so, head anywhere where there are other penguins, equip your sword, and press “D”. When you see another penguin with the symbol above them, click that symbol to duel!

Just like with the crabs, you have to select an action, wait for your opponent to act, and wait to see if your hit is stronger. Winners will gain 20 points each match, while those who lost gain only 10 points.

Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt game is back for a limited time! To play, click on one of the sandboxes at the Beach and wait for another player to join. Once the game begins, take turns selecting an arrow to uncover a row of sand. You can work together with the other player to uncover coins, gems, and earn stamps!

Free Items

Each time you defeat a treasure chest, you will unlock 2 items.

After you have earned enough points through duelling, you can also unlock up to 5 swords!

New Rooms

The Black Shell (Shellbeard’s Ship)

Go up the ramp to the ship at the top left at the beach.

Shellbeard’s Locker

Go down the stairs on the Black Shell.

Also, don’t forget to check out Shellbeard’s catalog!

Ship Battle Room

Walk along the dock at the bottom right at the Beach.

Tree Forts

Go up the ladder in the forest.

Thank you for following along! We hope you enjoy the Pirate Party and defeat Shellbeard! If you want to be the first to know when our party guides are released, make sure to join our Discord Server for the latest updates.

-Alienn, Third in Command


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