The Autumn Fair party is here again, with plenty of prizes and items to won. Step right up, click read more and get all the info!

Free Items!

Head on over to the Ski Village and pose in front of the camera to get the Step Right Up Background:

Check out the Lighthouse for this Luxury Cowboy Hat!

New Rooms!

There are SO MANY new rooms with this party, I couldn’t possibly fit pictures of them all! But here’s a list of how to get to every one;

Forest -> Puffle Circus
Snow Forts -> Game Room 1
Docks -> Game Room 2 + Ferris Wheel Ride
Game Room 2 -> Squid Slide Room


Tickets can be earned by playing fair games around the island, and then spent at special reward booths to buy cool rare items. You can spend daily Golden Tickets at the Spin To Win game for extra prizes!

This is what your list of items will look like once you’ve collected all of them:

All the games on the island are listed here;

Forest: Memory Game, Puffle Paddle
Game Room 1: Balloon Pop, Feed-A-Puffle, Puffle Soaker
Game Room 2: Spin To Win, Ring The Bell, Puffle Shuffle

The two Prize Booths are in the Forest and Puffle Circus!

Hidden items!

There are 3 secret items at the booth in front of The Great Puffle Circus.

Teddy bear for 500 tickets –

– A pair of sunglasses for 1000 tickets –

Teddy bear background for 200 tickets –

Make sure to also check out the new pins that came with this party by clicking here!

Have fun collecting!


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