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This is a guide on how to earn all stamps for the game Pizzatron 3000 on Club Penguin Rewritten. This is located within the Pizza Parlor and is accessible by walking up to the kitchen in the top left corner of the room.

In total there are 10 stamps which can be obtained in Pizzatron 3000. There are 2 Easy stamp, 3 Medium stamps,  3 Hard stamps, and 2 Extreme stamps to be obtained.

Food Fiasco: Make a mess of the kitchen with 3 wrong pizzas

Just Dessert: Play Pizzatron in Candy Mode

Chef’s Hat: Make 20 pizzas without any mistakes

Spice Sea: Make 3 hot sauce and shrimp pizzas to order

Cocoa Beans: Make 3 jelly bean and chocolate pizzas to order

Fiery Squids: Make 3 hot sauce and squid pizzas to order

Candy Land: Make 3 pink sauce and marshmallow pizzas to order

Pizza Chef: Make 30 pizzas without any mistakes

Pizza Master:Make 40 pizzas without any mistakes

Dessert Chef: Make 40 candy pizzas without any mistakes

This is what your stamp book should look like before we begin:

In general, these stamps have quite straight forward descriptions on what is needed to obtain them. However, I will give a bit of guidance on how to get them.

The objective of the game is to make as many pizzas as you can [40 max], with little to no mistakes. When you make a mistake, the conveyor belt will slow down and you will not get any credit for that pizza. On the other hand, if you make pizzas with no mistakes and before they reach the end of the conveyor belt, the speed will increase but so will the coin reward per order. Completing 5 pizza orders in a row without a mistake, it results in a bonus tip on top of the coins you receive [maximum tip is 35 coins]. The game ends when a player messes up 5 or more times, or when 40 pizzas are made successfully. There are two modes to Pizzatron: Normal Mode and Candy Mode.  Certain stamps require you to be playing in Normal Mode, while others require Candy Mode. Depending on which mode you choose, it will determine what stamps you are eligible for. In this guide, it will be split up between which version you decide to play.

Candy Mode

Let’s start by getting the Easy stamp, Just Dessert. On the left side of the screen you will see a lever with a slice of pizza and piece of candy. Click the red knob and it will bring you into Candy Mode. You’ll go from spreading your pizzas with marinara or hot sauce, to pink sauce and chocolate! 

Next up is Cocoa Beanswhere you complete 3 chocolate jelly bean pizzas. As you progress through the orders, you’ll come across a chocolate sauce and jelly bean pizza. Successfully complete 3 of these in one game, and you will be rewarded with Cocoa Beans

Still going? Another stamp for Candy Mode is Candy LandAs you continue through the game, you will stumble upon pink sauce and marshmallow pizzas. Successfully complete 3 of these pizzas before the end of your game, and get Candy Land.

Lastly, we have one of the more difficult stamps: Dessert Chef. I will explain this stamp in the following section, continue reading to learn more!

Normal Mode

We’ll go from easiest to extreme, starting with Food Fiasco. Even though the point of this game is to make the least amount of mistakes as possible, this stamp aims towards making a mess over perfection. If you’re just starting out with Pizzatron, this stamp is the easiest to get. By adding the wrong topping or sauce to the pizza, it’ll count as an incomplete and you’ll need to start the order over again. In this case, that’s a good thing! Do it only 3 times and you will successfully get Food Fiasco!

Similar to Candy Mode, there are 2 more stamps that involve completing a certain order 3 or more times. Successfully complete 3 hot sauce and shrimp orders for stamp Spice Sea

Finish off the order specific stamp by getting Fiery Squids, complete 3 orders of hot sauce and squid pizza! 


Now for the more difficult stamps, the ones that most people struggle with; Chef’s Hat, Pizza Chef, Pizza Master, and Dessert Chef. All of which involve completing a certain amount pizzas in a row, no mistakes. Here are some things to consider as you work towards getting these stamps.

  • The conveyer belt moves faster the more successful you are, so try to have the sauce for the order ready as soon as you see it.
  • You can start putting the sauce on before the whole pizza is on the screen, start by moving your cursor to the left side of the conveyer belt when the pizza is entering the screen.
  • You can still put toppings on the pizza even if the pie is almost off the screen. Continue putting toppings on until the pizza is entirely gone.
  • Using a mouse is more efficient for this game, trackpad users will have more difficulty as the game gets faster.
  • Proficiency and speed go hand and hand for these stamps, figure out a method that works for you and stick with it.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get it on the first couple tries. Stamps like this require practice.

Grab the sauce immediately, and start covering the pie before the pizza is fully on the screen. It saves time, adds proficiency and gives you more freedom to put toppings on if necessary. This will help as the conveyer belt moves faster throughout the game.

The same goes here, if you’re struggling to put the toppings on as the pizza moves down the belt, don’t give up because the pie is almost gone! Complete the pie as fast as you can, even if that means fitting that last piece of seaweed on the corner of the pie. The order is not complete until the entire pizza is off the screen. This will save you from making mistakes and missing out on these extreme stamps!

This will be your screen when you complete Pizza Master or Dessert Chef! An accomplishing feeling to say the least. (Photo credit: Sushi)

Here is what your stamp book will look like after getting all the stamps (Photo credit to: Vinzed N):

Here you have it! Congratulations on getting all the stamps for Pizzatron 3000.

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how do i work this thing


  1. I can’t get the Food Fiasco stamp for some reason, I finished all 40 pizzas with only 3 mistakes, do they have to be in a row? Or do I have to end the game before? Thanks,

  2. Heya, so I’ve done some of my own research on this. The process the guide outlines is good, but there is a much more efficient method. Yes, a mouse is recommended, but gameplay can be made even simpler due to CPR’s movement to HTML5, which will allow for it to work on mobile devices (get your fingers ready!). And yes, you can continue to place toppings until the pizza is off the conveyor belt.
    On each pizza, whether it be regular or candy mode, there will always be cheese or sprinkles requested. While sauce can differ from each pizza, cheese/sprinkles will always be there. Not to mention, you can place cheese/sprinkles onto the pizza before it even comes onto the screen. As the screen for a pizza updates (reading DONE! with a large yellow checkmark beneath it), you can drag some cheese/sprinkles to the left of the screen (not too far out, but just enough so that it disappears from the game screen) and place it onto the pizza before it rolls out, giving you more time to add sauce or toppings.
    Adding onto that, I would also minimize the game screen and disable ads on the game. Let’s go over the must-have first. Disabling ads is a definite way to improve your gameplay as it can help reduce lag, remove the fear of being interrupted from the game, and make the cheese/sprinkles trick (outlined above) more easier. Minimizing the game screen—done by either zooming out on the page and clicking the “ – Smaller Screen” button in the top right or by dragging your browser’s window down and minimizing it—is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, you’ll find that the mouse movement needed to sauce a pizza or add toppings is decreased. But on the other, the area that you can click on to grab a sauce bottle or some toppings is also reduced. My best advice for this is to minimize your Google tab to 80% or to make your window to half-screen and to widen it a bit (can be done on either side, but make sure to widen more if you place the screen to the left).
    Lastly, just practice! The guide doesn’t stress this enough, but Pizzatron 3000 is meant to be played over and over again—especially for the stamps—and doing so will net you thousands of coins! If you complete a perfect game (all 40 pizzas, no mistakes), you’ll be rewarded with 1285 coins, which amounts to 2570 coins if all stamps have been achieved. Trust me, it can be worth it.
    (Smaller notes: Pressing the “=“ or the “+” will lower CPR’s graphics quality, which can assist slower or older computers during gameplay. If you happen to encounter the “flashing sauce” glitch, more sauce can be added. You can either try to apply more sauce right away or to nearly finish the pizza before adding the sauce. If it’s early in the game and the conveyor belt is moving slowly, you can spray a bit of the other sauce onto the pizza—which deletes the current sauce—and then resauce with the correct sauce from there.)

    • TL;DR
      Minimize your screen. Get a mouse. If you’re playing in late 2021, you can use a touch screen, much easier.
      Cheese/sprinkles first, can be placed off screen to the left. Sauce and apply toppings as usual.
      (P.S. each game takes ~4 minutes on average. Not the best source of coins ~~Catchin’ Waves~~ but it’s worth it.)

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