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Welcome back to another stamp guide, this time for the Card-Jitsu mini-game! Read on for all the tips and tricks to become the master ninja!

Card-Jitsu is a pretty simple game, all found within the Dojo at the top of the map. I’m not going to explain it here, but the rules are posted on the Dojo wall if you ever need a reminder:

Along with the instructions, is a legend of all the belts you can get as rewards in the game. Each belt shows your experience and skill:

To get started playing, you will need a Starter Deck of cards from Sensei. You can find him here:

Talk to him for a bit and he’ll get you a Starter Deck:

That is the setup, let hop in to the stamp collecting!

In total there are 10 stamps which can be obtained in Card-Jitsu. There are 2 Easy stamps, 3 Medium stamps,  3 Hard stamps and 2 Extreme stamps.

Grasshopper: Begin your journey. Earn your white belt
Elemental Win: Win a match with 3 different elements
Fine Student: Reach half way. Earn your Blue Belt
Flawless Victory: Win without letting your opponent gain any cards
One Element: Win a match with 3 cards of the same element
True Ninja: Prove your ninja skills. Earn your black belt
Ninja Master: Defeat Sensei and become a Ninja
Match Master: Win 25 matches
Sensei Card: See the Sensei Power Card
Full Dojo: Score 9 cards before you win

Quick tip: If your looking to get the rare stamps quickly, its useful to have a friend let you know their cards so you can play correctly against them.

Big thanks to Moon for helping me get the Full Dojo and Flawless Victory stamps for this guide!


The easiest of the 10 stamps to get. Simply win 5 matches, and earn your your white belt:

Elemental Win

This is another super easy stamp to get. Win by getting 3 cards of different colours and elements. For example:

Fine Student

To get this stamp, you will need to win around 40 games. It’s time consuming, but not too difficult if you can get a friend to help you.

Flawless Victory

To get this stamp, win a game without losing any cards to your opponent. Try to play your cards right so you only need 3 to win.

One Element

To get the One Element stamp, you need to win by having 3 different coloured cards of the same element. Its another easy stamp to get if you have a friend to help you. You can get the stamp with 3 of any type, here is an example with fire:

True Ninja

To get this stamp, you will need to win around 90 games. Once you have your last belt, the black belt, you will gain this stamp!

Ninja Master

Once you have your black belt, you can fight Sensei. The AI for this battle means that it is very difficult to lose, so just keep playing cards until you win.

Once you beat Sensei, you will unlock the Ninja Hideout (a new room, accessible from the Dojo Courtyard), and you can check out our guide to the Card-Jitsu Fire stamps that will be out soon!

Match Master

This stamp is one you will probably get naturally during your time playing. All you need to do is win 25 matches of Card-Jitsu in one session. That means, without logging out.

Sensei Card

This stamp is very random with how long it takes. All you need to do is head over to Sensei in the Dojo and click “Challenge Sensei”

Once you are in a fight with Sensei, keep playing Water until you see the Sensei Card

It’ll look like this in the game:

Full Dojo

To get Full Dojo, you are really going to want a friend to help you.

You need to collect 9 cards before you win the game. The easiest way to do this is to try play only two colours of card. In the pic below, for example, I only played yellow and green cards.

You will have to lose a few rounds to get new cards, which is why having a buddy help you is super useful.

Congratulations! You have all the Card-Jitsu stamps!

Chaos – General and Master Ninja

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