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Have you been looking for a Puffle Rescue stamp guide? Well, here it is! To get started, head to Inside Mine and click on the Puffle Rescue bulletin board!

Puffle Rescue has a staggering 27 stamps to earn, the most of any game in CPR! There are 4 Easy stamps, 11 Medium stamps, 9 Hard stamps, and 3 Extreme stamps!

1 Coin Bag: Find 1 coin bag in the snow levels

Quick Catch: Catch 1 coin bag before it falls

Rapid Rescue: Complete 5 sea levels in 30 seconds each

1 Coin Bubble: Fins 1 coin bag in a bubble in the sea levels

SOS 30: Rescue 30 puffles in snow levels

2 Coin Bags: Find 2 coin bags in the snow levels

Snow Student: Complete 3 snow levels in no more than 70 moves

Cave Coins: Find hidden coins on level 1 in the caves

Cave Coins Plus: Find hidden coins on level 4 in the caves

Super Catch:  Catch 2 coin bags before they fall

Easy Cannon: Destroy 8 snowball cannons in cave levels

Close Call: Dodge the giant snowball

Express Rescue: Complete 10 sea levels in 30 seconds each

10 Sea Levels: Reach 10 sea levels with 5 full lives

2 Coin Bubbles: Find 2 coin bags in a bubble in the sea levels

SOS 60: Rescue 60 Puffles in snow levels

3 Coin Bags: Find 3 coin bags in the snow levels

Snow Master: Complete 6 snow levels in no more than 160 moves

Cave Coins Max: Find hidden coins on Level 7 in the caves

Expert Catch: Catch 3 coin bags before they fall

Super Cannon: Destroy 12 snowball cannons in cave levels

Extreme Rescue: Complete 20 sea levels in 30 seconds each

20 Sea Levels: Reach 20 sea levels with 5 full lives

3 Coin Bubbles: Find 3 coin bags in a bubble in the sea levels

Snow Hero: Complete 9 snow levels in no more than 270 moves

Extreme Cannon: Destroy 15 snowball cannons in cave levels

30 Sea Levels: Reach 30 sea levels with 5 full lives

Puffle Rescue is essentially three games in one between the Snow Levels, Cave Levels, and Sea Levels. To keep this guide organized, we’ll go through stamps by each of the three sections.

Snow Levels

First off are SOS 30 and SOS 60. These stamps require you to rescue 30 and 60 puffles respectively in the snow levels. SOS 30 is earned at Level 13 and SOS 60 is earned at Level 23.

Stamps puf 30Stamps 60 puf

Next up are Snow Student, Snow Master, and Snow Hero. These stamps challenge you to think about moves before you make them. Snow Student requires you to complete 3 snow levels in less than 70 moves. Snow Master requires 6 levels in less than 160 movesSnow Hero is earned by completing 9 snow levels in less than 270 moves. To earn these stamps, try to avoid using the left and right keys as much as possible, but you can still get them if you mess up a couple times!

Snow Student stamp iconSnow Master stampSnow Hero stamp icon

Next are 1 Coin Bag, 2 Coin Bags, and 3 Coin bags.These ones are bit more complex than the other Snow Levels stamps.

1 Coin Bag: This stamp can be found on Level 7. In this level, there are several squares of cracked ice that will break if you step on them. Once all the ice is broken, a coin bag will appear and you’ll earn the stamp!

2 Coin Bags: After you get the coin bag in Level 7, a balloon with a key tied to it will appear in Level 8. The balloon will slowly fall toward the start of the level. You can move it up by bouncing it on your penguin’s head. Near the top of the level, a key hole appears. Bounce the balloon high enough that the key enters the hole to unlock the coin bag and earn the stamp!

3 Coin Bags: Once you’ve gotten the coin bag in Level 8, a set of three green lights appears in Level 9.

If your penguin touches a light, it turns on. However, they turn off after a set amount of time. Once all three lights are turned on, the third coin bag appears and you’ll get the stamp! To get all the lights on before one turns off, go to the end of the level and turn them on during the trip back to the start!


Cave Levels

First up are Easy Cannon, Super Cannon, and Extreme Cannon. On certain levels in the Cave Levels, rotating cannons appear.

If one of these cannons is aimed at you, it will stop spinning, lock into place, and shoot a snowball. This process is relatively slow, which gives you a chance to aim cannons at each other. When a cannon targets you, it will follow you if you move at first, but if you stay still it will flash, indicating that it is locked into place. When this happens, it’s about to shoot, so move out of the way! If you’ve aimed it right, the snowball will destroy another cannon. For Easy Cannon, use this method to destroy 8 cannons. For Super Cannon, destroy 12, and for Extreme Cannon, destroy 15.

Easy Cannon StampSuper Cannon StampExtremeCannon

Close Call can be earned in Cave Level 9. As you approach the third and final pink puffle of this level, a giant snowball comes into view.

Once you pick up the puffle, the ball will start to roll. Quickly make your way back toward the last checkpoint. If you’re fast enough to escape it, the snowball will roll off of the map, earning you a stamp!

Close Call stamp

Next up are Quick Catch, Super Catch, and Expert Catch. All three of these stamps require you to grab a coin bag before steam comes out of a pipe and pushes it off the map. Since these are timed, move fast!

The bag for Quick Catch is in Cave Level 2, just beyond the falling bridge and to the right of the puffle.

For Super Catch, the bag is found in Level 5, on a bridge to the left of the first puffle.

The bag for Expert Catch is at the end of Level 8, just before the third puffle.

Stamp 141Super Catch stampExpert Catch stamp

The next three stamps, Cave Coins, Cave Coins Plus, and Cave Coins Max, require you to follow a specific set of steps to navigate an invisible pathway to find coin bags. The stamps all start from a tile found in levels 1, 4, and 7, respectively:

On Cave Level 1, the tile is directly below the starting point. From the tile, move Down 2 spaces, Left 3 spaces, Down 2 spaces, Right 3 spaces, and then straight down until you reach the bag and earn the Cave Coins stamp!

On Cave Level 4, the starting point is found to the right of the second puffle. From there, move Right 5, Up 6,  and Left 5.Collect the coin bag and earn the Cave Coins Plus stamp!

In Cave Level 7, the starting point is once again directly below the starting point. From there, move Down 10, Right 4, Down 3, Left 5, Down 2, Right 3, and then go straight down to collect the coin bag and the Cave Coins Max stamp!

Cave Coins stamp iconCave Coins stamp iconCave Coins Max Stamp

Sea Levels

First up for the Sea Levels are Rapid Rescue, Express Rescue, and Extreme Rescue. For these stamps, make your moves quick and deliberate! For Rapid Rescue, you’ll need to finish 5 Sea Levels in less than 30 seconds each. Express Rescue requires you to finish 10 Sea Levels in less than 30 seconds each. To get Extreme Rescue, you’ll have to finish 20 Sea Levels in, you guessed it, less than 30 seconds each!

Rapid Rescue stampExpress Rescue stampExtreme Rescue stamp

Next up are 10 Sea Levels, 20 Sea Levels, and 30 Sea Levels. These stamps are pretty easy to figure out. 10 Sea Levels requires you to complete 10 Sea Levels with all five lives full. 20 Sea Levels wants you to do the same for 20 levels, and 30 Sea Levels asks you to do the same for 30 levels! It’s a super easy concept, but these stamps are tricky to earn!


Last but not least are 1 Coin Bubble, 2 Coin Bubbles, and 3 Coin Bubbles!

The first Coin Bubble is found in Sea Level 7. Hover over the fan on the right side and start swimming to the right. You may need to go back and forth a bit since this coin bag can take a little while to appear. Position your penguin over the bubble, and once it pops, you’ll get the coin bag and the 1 Coin Bubble stamp!

Once you’ve gotten the coin bag in Level 7, one will appear in Level 8! To find this one, follow the octopi (but don’t let them shock you!) until you find the fan at the top. Hover over it, and you’ll see an air bubble in the shape of an arrow! Hop on it for a boost, then follow it to the next arrow. Keep following the arrows until you find the coin bag and earn the 2 Coin Bubbles stamp! There is a fairly long series of arrows, so make sure you get the boost from each of them so you can make it to the next one! Also, feel free to rescue a puffle before you start, but if you’re carrying more than one puffle, you’ll be too heavy to make it to the coin bag.

Finally, once you’ve gotten the coin bubbles from Levels 7 & 8, you’ll be able to get one from Level 9! For this one, swim straight up until you hit a fan. A little bit further up and to the left, you’ll see an arrow like the ones in Level 8. Hover over it until it pops then go forward. Eventually, you’ll come to a giant air bubble. This air bubble won’t pop, so bounce on it for a while. Eventually, the third and final coin bubble will appear. Pop it, and you’ll get the 3 Coin Bubbles stamp. Like in Level 8, if you have too many puffles with you, you’ll become too heavy to make it to the coin bag. You can have up to two puffles with you for this one.

1CoinBubbleStamp2CoinBubblesStamp3 Coins Bubbles Stamp

There ya go, a whopping 27 stamps for Puffle Rescue and how to get all of them!

Have fun rescuing those puffles, Rebels!

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