Division Recap


22th September’19 – 28th September’19

Greetings Rebels,

We are back to give you a synopsis of the week’s events to see our tactics and forms!

—◊ Tuesday ◊—

 » AUSIA «

With another week under our belts, we begin a new one! We started it off with our AUSIA event, Operation: Poppin’ Rebels. We did an amaize-ing job at this event!

Max: 30

Avg: 28

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» US «

Finishing off Tuesday with Operation: Stellar Stamps! We waddled around the island and collected tons of stamps.

Max: 68

Avg: 55

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—◊ Wednesday ◊—

» EU «

For Wednesday’s EU event we logged onto Sleet for Operation: Breakneck Blitz. We set out to perform fast and efficient tactics, for a total of 82 tactics. Great job Rebels!

Max: 43

Avg: 40

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—◊ Thursday ◊—

» EU «

On Thursday, we gathered on Sleet for Operation: Mime Craft! We put on our mime costumes and waddled around the island performing mime-tastic formations and tactics.

Max: 49

Avg: 38

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—◊ Friday ◊—


For a great start to Friday, we had our AUSIA Operation: Tip-Top Training, where we practiced our tactics and formations all around the island to keep our skills in tip-top shape!

Max: 20

Avg: 17

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» US «

For our US division, we logged on for our Hide and Seek HCOM vs Troops event! Our troops hid around the island and HCOM were tasked with finding them all… and as usual, they managed to!

Max: 38

Avg: 38

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For the first event of the weekend, we had Operation: Uninvited with a special custom uniform of either Wario or Waluigi and waddled around the island doing many wah-nderful tactics!

Max: 29

Avg: 24

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» EU/US «

Our second event was a special Air Force vs Navy event with Liz leading Air Force and Ulti leading Navy! We dressed up as the Mario Brothers and did some super tactics to determine the winner: AIR FORCE! (Breaking a 6 week losing streak!)


Max: 47
Avg: 44

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—◊ Sunday ◊—


To get rolling on Sunday’s events, we began with Operation: Uplift for AUSIA! We did tactics across the island in the RPF uniform and had a great time!

Max: 26

Average: 25

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» EU/US «

Sunday’s EU/US event this week was Operation: Rebel Spirit! We met up on Ascent in our uniform again and had a great event with over 50 rebels there!

Max: 51

Average: 50

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—◊ Other recaps ◊—

—◊ This Week’s Maximum Maxes and Average Averages ◊—

—◊ Maxes ◊—

AUSIA: 26+(1⇑)

EU: 48+(2⇑)

US: 51+(4)

Average: 42+(-)

—◊ Averages ◊—

AUSIA: 24(-)

EU: 43(1⇓)

US: 47(6⇓)

TOTAL: 38(2⇓)

This was all for last week’s Division Recap, thank you for reading and make sure you keep an eye out for this post again next week!

-Division Recap Team: Cassie, Flv9, Liv, Rocket, Rane, Elex, and Klein

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