Division Recap


3rd January 2020 – 9th February 2020

Hey Rebels,

We are back to give you a synopsis of the week’s events to see our tactics and forms!

—◊ Tuesday ◊—


To kick off the week, we held Operation: Rockin’ Rebels, where we transformed into a rebel band and played instruments all around the island.

Max: 17

Avg: 16

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» US «

To end the day, we held Operation: Naruto Run! We wore ninja costumes and zoomed around the island in this contest winner event

Max: 45

Avg: 40

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—◊ Wednesday ◊—

» EU «

For today’s event, we had Operation: Playful Puffles. We dressed up in the I Love My Puffle shirts and waddle around the island giving appreciation to our furry friends. Great event, Rebels.

Max: 46

Avg: 43

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—◊ Thursday ◊—

» EU «

For Thursday, we held a spectacular training event, Operation: Rowdy Rebels, on Ascent! Great job on forms and tactics, Rebels!

Max: 39

Avg: 36

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—◊ Friday ◊—


Friday began with our AUSIA event, Operation: Puffle-O Power. We dressed up in our puffle feeder outfits and troops got a chance to lead their own tactics! Good job Rebels!

Max: 20

Avg: 17

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» US «

We later logged on for our US event, Operation: Igloo Invasion. We invaded many well-decorated igloos, helping our troops get some stamps! Brilliant work Rebels!

Max: 43

Avg: 37

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—◊ Saturday


To kick off the weekend we logged on for our AUSIA event, Operation: Fearless Fighters! We wore the RPF uniform and practiced our quick tactics and formations! Fantastic work Rebels!

Max: 29

Avg: 28

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» EU/US «

For our EU event, we logged on for one of our contest-winning events, Operation: Stormy Weather! We bundled up in our rain gear and showered the island with our amazing tactics and forms! Great job Rebels!

Max: 46
Avg: 45

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—◊ Sunday ◊—


At our Sunday AUSIA this week, we had Operation: Hide and Seek, where troops tried their best to outsmart HCOM by hiding in their most secretive spots all over the island! Only one troop was victorious, remaining unfound… Congrats AFlyingSpider and great job Rebels!

Max: 30

Avg: 30

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» EU/US «

For our last event of the week, we logged on for our weekly Branch Battle – with a twist! Each team wore the opposite team’s uniform in Operation: Opposite Day! Despite the chaotic change, only one team could be victorious, with the result turning out to be a Navy Victory!

Max: 40

Avg: 38

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—◊ Other recaps ◊—

—◊ This Week’s Maximum Avgs and Avg Avgs ◊—

—◊ Maxes ◊—

AUSIA: 24+(4⇓)

EU: 43+(4⇓)

US: 44+(2⇓)

Average: 37+(3⇓)

—◊ Averages ◊—

AUSIA: 23(3⇓)

EU: 41(5⇓)

US: 40(4⇓)

Total: 35(4⇓)

This was all for last week’s Division Recap, thank you for reading and make sure you keep an eye out for this post again next week!

-Division Recap Team: Cassie, Yammie, Brattybottom, Elex, Sharkboii, Milly, and Klein


I joined RF November 25th, 2017! FTGF

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