23rd March 2020 – 29th March 2020

We are back to give you a synopsis of the week’s events to see our tactics and forms!

—◊ Tuesday ◊—


Starting off the week, we logged on for Operation: Lucifer, where we wore the black wings from the fashion show catalogue! We had great tactics, clean forms, and many memorable quotes to tell the island!

Max: 59

Avg: 56

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 » US «

Later in the day, the US division held Operation: It’s Alive! We all transformed into scary monsters and had our very own Halloween in March! A brilliant turnout and a fantastic job on the tactics and formations, Rebels!

Max: 89

Avg: 85

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—◊ Wednesday ◊—

» EU «

For our mid-week event we had Operation: Rebelegance. We dressed up in elegant clothing items from the fashion week catalog and showed them off around the island while showing off our tactics and formations!

Max: 86

Avg: 83

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—◊ Thursday ◊—

» EU «

For Thursday’s event, we held Operation: Rebel Cart Surfer. For this event, we had a cart surfer tournament with Rebel Cash prizes and a special role. Congratulations to the winners, Legacy (1st), F6sixer (2nd) and Rane (3rd). Great work Rebels!

Max: 74

Avg: 74

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—◊ Friday ◊—


Friday began with our AUSIA event Operation: Mine Diamonds! We wore our mining helmets and uncovered our brilliant tactics and formations! Great job rebels!

Max: 72

Avg: 60

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 » US «

We later logged on for our US event Operation: Ascension, a fun training event for us to practice our formations and tactics! Good job today rebels!

Max: 87

Avg: 80

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—◊ Saturday ◊— 


We kicked off our Saturday with our AUSIA event, Operation: Branch Battle! While both branches fought their hardest, Navy won!

Max: 53

Avg: 50

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» EU «

For our EU event, we logged for Operation: Boxed Up! We wore the box costume and went around the island showing off our stellar tactics and formations! Incredible work Rebels! We broke CPA records and accomplished the largest RPF event recorded in history!

Max: 178

Avg: 176

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 » US «

Due to our record-breaking Saturday event, the US event was cancelled.

—◊ Sunday ◊— 


Our first event on Sunday, Operation: HCOMpetition, had our HCOM competing to see who could do the most tactics. Congratulations to elexonck, wining with 44 tactics!

Max: 49

Avg: 49

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» EU/US «

To end our week, we held a second branch battle, Operation: Lyric. We faced off each other with brilliant tactics and formations led in voice chat. Congrats to Navy for this time’s victory!

Max: 80

Avg: 72

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—◊ Weekly Maxes and Averages ◊—

—◊ Maxes ◊—

AUSIA: 58+ (25⇑)

EU: 105+ (55⇑)

US: 85+ (8⇑)

Average: 83+ (36⇑)

—◊ Averages ◊—

AUSIA: 54 (24⇑)

EU: 101 (54⇑)

US: 79 (26⇑)

Total: 78 (35⇑)

Thanks for reading the weekly Division Recap! We’ll be back next week to keep you posted on our division’s stats!

-Division Recap Team: Tadpoles, CatBallou, Brattybottom, Rocket, Elex, Shark, Sarah, and Milly


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