Federation Frontier – Spring 2022


Ever wanted to explore the big, wide-open frontier in the Wild West? Have horses and cows as your best friends? Ride into the sunset? Then the Party Planning Committee has the perfect cowboy experience for you! Grab your lasso and saddle up for Federation Frontier from May 23rd to May 29th. Take off your hat, sit down for a while, and read on about an unexplored map with tasks and Rebel Cash prizes, a western Among Us breakday, a 4-way Branch Battle showdown, and more surprises!

Frontier Map

Time to go on the road, partner! Grab your trusty map and get ready to finish tasks as a community so we can get to where we want to go. New locations and surprises will be revealed in additional posts once we finish a task set.

Individuals get 700 Rebel Cash per task they complete, and once we reach a map checkpoint from completing a task set, everyone each gets another 1,000 Rebel Cash!

Traveling takes time and energy, so after finishing a task set we have to wait 1 day for a cooldown until we start the next set. Participants who finish at least 5 tasks are eligible for an achievable role, Wildest in the West, if we complete the entire map!


NOTE: You MUST dm any PPC member a screenshot of yourself completing a task or else your task will NOT count. Type .inrole Party Planning Committee in the #bots channel to find a list of the members!


– have 20 Rebels vote on a poll and discuss it in Main Chat (Saloon)
– have 20 Rebels make wild west comments on site
– get 15 Rebels to have cowboy themed profile pictures

Once we finish the tasks from this checkpoint, be on the lookout for a new post with a surprise and the next set of tasks!

Western Murder Mystery: Among Us


Wear a cowboy hat and join us for a Western Murder Mystery breakday game of Among Us on Monday, May 23rd!

(11pm UTC) – 4pm PDT, 5pm MDT, 6pm CDT, 7pm EDT, 8pm BOT/ADT, 8pm BRT/ART, 12am BST, 6am KRAT/ICT, 7am CST/HKT, 8am YAKT/WIT, 9am VLAT, 9:30am ACT, 10am AET/SRET, 11am ANAT, 1pm HST, 2pm HDT, 3pm AKDT

Wild West Branch Battle Showdown


Join us on Sunday, May 29th for a special 4-way Branch Battle with the Ice Warriors! Navy wears cowboy outfits and Air Force wears bandit outfits.

(8 pm UTC) – 9pm BST, 10PM CEST, 11pm EEST/CAT, 11pm MSK, 12am GST, 1am YEKT/PKT, 12pm AKDT, 10am HST, 11am HDT, 1pm PDT, 2pm MDT, 3pm CDT, 4pm EDT, 4pm AMT, 5pm AT, 5pm BRT/ART

Huge thank you to my awesome PPC co-leader Jae for the title gfx, Gabi for the branch battle gfx, and Emeraldgreen and Gabi for the map gfx!

~Party Planning Committee~



Making friends, collecting stamps, and having fun!






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