Halloweek – Mystery Day 2


The death of one of their Rebel Commanders, Cosmo, weighed heavily on the hearts of the Rebels, but it was HCOM who was grieving the most. After this traumatic incident, it was unanimously decided that a day off was needed. A few members of HCOM went down the the Gift Shop to grab some rubber duckies and met the rest of the group at the Cove! Cosmo’s favorite activity was to hang out at the cove and sit by the fire after all. What better way to celebrate his life? Eager to hit the water, they all ran into the water and began swimming out. Laughter and playful chatter filled the cove. It wasn’t long before Elex noticed her floatie beginning to deflate, and at a fast rate. Despite being a penguin, swimming was not one of Elex’s strengths. By the time HCOM realized the severity of the situation at hand, it was too late. Elex was already dead. sabotage


Party Planning Committee Department of Health

CPArmies- Tuxedo

Victim: Elexonck, Second in Command.

Location: The body was discovered in the Cove’s lake.

Time of Death: 7:04pm UTC

Injuries: No external injures. Asphyxiation, large amount of water found in her lungs.

Evidence: Hole in the deflated rubber duck and a journal left by the campfire.

Witnesses: Rebel Penguin Federation HCOM – Crazzyhead, F6sixer, Milly, Brenatto, Penho, Sarah, Sharkboi, Steax.

Elex’s journal can only be read with night vision goggles! Find out how to use them to read this clue! Be vigilant, the clue is the highlight of this post!

Night Vision Goggles | Vintage Penguin Wiki | Fandom

So you think you know who the killers are?

Be sure to direct message a member of the Party Planning Committeeat the end of the week for a chance to win 1000 Rebel Cash for guessing correctly. You can find a list of all of the Party Planning Committee members by typing .inrole Party Planning Committee in #bots-and-potions.

Ash 🌸, Major Detective of the PPC Crime Unit

– amoji, Head Crime Scene Photographer of the PPC Crime Unit

Shoutout to Koloway for putting together the awesome title gfx and Amoji for the HCOM death gfx!

~Party Planning Committee~


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