Halloween Igloo Contest [Results]

Hello Rebels!

Today the contest team and I are pretty darn hyped to announce the results of our latest RNM contest!

The winner of the contest wins any Halloween role from the shop! The second place finisher gets a big league 2,000 rebelcash! The person in third place gets a saucy 1,000 rebelcash! Now, on to the rewards!

Today’s big winner, earning any Halloween role from the shop, is Mindy4IsBack!

In second place, winning 2,000 rebelcash, we have Hexxer!

In third place, winning 1,000 rebelcash, we have HelloGoodSir!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry in the contest, and congratulations to our winners! The next contest will be out soon!

Puffl, Contest Supervisor


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