He’s a Mean One Mr. Grinch: Rebel Grinchmas Week Review

This November, The Party Planning Committee has brought us yet another fun week filled with lots of holiday cheer and sinister events. What went down during this week you may ask… well we were brought Rebel Grinchmess Week! This special week was filled with lots of fun centered around the famous Dr. Seuss’s novel, The Grinch.

Enough talk let’s dive into what happened during:


The Announcement

On Sunday, the 19th, the Party Planning Committee introduced us to Rebel Grinchmas Week, filled with lots of challenges, riddles, and activities for the Rebels to partake in. The PPC sent Rebels to do multiple tasks including filling out a checklist to earn the Whoville Workshopper role, Grinch-themed riddles to earn rebel cash, creating your ornament, and of course, the Christmas themed events throughout the week.

Read the full announcement here if you want to take a look!

Event Recaps

The week was filled with Christmassy events that were themed around Christmas and The Grinch. In total there was one movie showing of Jim Carey’s version of The Grinch, a holiday-themed Skrbbl event, 6 events, and one of those 6 events being the big Whoville Caroling event to finish of the week. Without further ado, here are the event recaps!

On Sunday after our Eu event, Jim Carey’s version of The Grinch was streamed by RPF General, Coric. The Rebels seemed to enjoy the comedy of Jim Carey as the Grinch and the rest of the Whoville citizens.

On Monday, during EU time, the Christmas-themed Skribbl event took place. It was filled with lots of holiday laughs and cheers.

On Tuesday we saw two events, Operation: Searching For Santa [AUSIA] and Operation: Timbre [US]. They were both special events as the first one was a Santa (HCOM) vs Elves (Troops) Hide n Seek event, while the other event was a game of Musical Chairs.

The results of the Hide n Seek event!

The results of the Musical Chairs event!


On Wednesday, we had Operation: A BIA Christmas [EU]. This event was a Sled Racing Tournament with our brother allies Ice Warriors!

The results of the Sled Racing Tournament event!

On Thursday, we held two costume events,  Operation Calendar Chaos [AUSIA] and Operation: Ornament Orchestra [EU]. In the AUSIA event, the Rebels dressed up in the items from the CPR Advent Calendar, while in the EU Event, the Rebels dressed up as ornaments.

Event Pic from Operation: Calendar Chaos [AUSIA]

Event Pic from Operation: Ornament Orchestra [EU]

On Friday, we saw the final event of the week Operation: Caroling Whobilation [AUSIA]. In this event, the Rebels went around doing a Parade type of event while wearing Whoville-inspired outfits and the bell hand item.

Event Pic from Operation: Caroling Whobilation [AUSIA]

Behind the Scenes with Avril and Jaeun

This week was filled with a lot of fun activities. To gain some more insight into what happened during Rebel Grinchmas and the events that took place, we sat down with Avril and Jaeun, the current co-leaders of PPC.

Q: What was your favorite part of the week?

Avril: My favorite part of the week was the ornament event! It was fun running around in oversized ornament costumes. Probably one of my favorite costumes, and I have some hilarious memories with it.

Jaeun: My favourite part of the week was probably the Musical Chairs event! I wasn’t actually at the event because i overslept heh but it was fun to plan! We tested it out beforehand and it was hilarious to play so I hope people had fun with it too. I liked the pre-party planning too, it was fun making the graphics for the title LOL

Q: How do you think people liked it and how do you think it went?

Avril: I think people liked it a lot! A few people told me they really liked the puzzles and the Grinch storyline. A good sum of people finished the Santa’s checklist too, so I think they really enjoyed the fun new activities on there.

Jaeun: I think people liked it (I hope lol)! We had a lot of troops participating in solving the Grinch mysteries and asking for clues so I’d say it was pretty successful. We had a lot of entries for the potluck, ornaments, etc. as well, so our tree and ‘feast’ looked great.

Q: What sorts of exciting events does the Party Planning Committee have planned for the future? Can we get a sneak peek?

Avril: We’re still planning ideas and activities, so you’ll have to wait and see! No sneak peaks here.

Jaeun: Make sure you practice CPR games while you still can😏. That’s it, no more spoilers!!!!

Thank you, Avril and Jaeun for taking the time to sit down for an interview, and thank you for once again organizing another successful weekend filled with lots of fun. We are def looking forward to more PPC theme weeks in the future!


And that is the review of Rebel Grinchmas Week! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as it was a blast and a lot of fun. Big thanks as always to the Party Planning Committee for putting on such an amazing weekend. Also would like to give a big thanks to the people that participated this weekend. At the end of the week, a total of 30 people earned the Whoville Workshopper role! If you want to check out PPC’s conclusion post you can check it out here!

Stay tuned for the next themed week brought to you by the Party Planning Committee Rebels!

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