Preceding April 1st, we were notified about a recent bug discovered in Rebel Bot’s code. What came as a result was the takedown of certain Rebel Cash commands including .work preventing many Rebels from earning their daily incomes.

After an investigation undertaken by HCOM, a suspect was determined to be the likely perpetrator: RUSTEZE41.

Who is RUSTEZE41?

RUSTEZE41 is one of our latest troops joining on March 24th, 2022 and is currently a Corporal. You may have seen him around in chat talking about his love for Cars, talking in CAPS, and repeatedly saying KACHOW.

In the late hours of March 26th, RUSTEZE was introduced to Rebel Cash and he was able to earn 420 Rebel Cash as he enjoyed this number. Set with his new balance, RUSTEZE met Rebel Bot and got to have a nice chat with him. As they chatted, things got slightly out of hand and Rebel Bot threatened to mess up RUSTEZE’s balance. We have reason to believe that RUSTEZE hacked Rebel Bot yesterday in order to maintain his balance. You can check out the proof below:

When RUSTEZE made his first suggestion, we used this as a perfect opportunity to put him on max timeout for his crimes.

Even under timeout, RUSTEZE continued to hack changing up channel names and roles, hoisting roles, changing Rebel Bot’s Profile Picture, and even filtering the word beans. His behavior provoked us to give no one Troop of The Week as a result of his actions.

RUSTEZE then reached out to Second in Command Yvng Baller inquiring about his timeout which resulted in a negotiation between the two. Enough attendees to the US Event would free RUSTEZE from the timeout.

As we reached a suitable number, RUSTEZE was freed and decided to make one final hack into #announcements to give a speech.

Was a criminal freed today or just an innocent Cars fan? The decision is yours.


All Rebel Cash commands are back in business, the word beans is safe to say, and the Rebel Penguin Federation is once again back to normal. We hope you enjoyed this year’s trolling and shenanigans!

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