MEME COLUMN #15 – MAY 2022

Welcome back to the 15th edition of Meme Column! Each month, we look back at the funniest moments and trends in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Keep reading to see all the funny moments that happened in May!

Twin Takeover

Starting the month off, RPF held a twin event and encouraged the rebels to get their bffs and dress up together! From furries to clowns to beans, RPF really looked within themselves and dressed up as their inner selves. I’m so proud of everyone for accepting who they truly are :’)

Fancy Fiesta

Ever been frustrated when you can’t ping someone who’s name is in fancy font? We made it better and now you can’t ping anyone at all! Our very own General, Sharki, gave everyone fancy font names and they even gathered in VC to commemorate this with a group photo. How cute!

Fries, Chips or Crisps?

You can’t call this a Meme Column without another debate! This time, the rebels battled it out with another controversial topic, is it fries, chips, or crisps? This debate has since ended, but who knows if it will resurface? Better get your answers and arguments ready!


PPC held the Federation Frontier Week during the last week of May! For more details on how it went, you can check out the recap here. To get in the yeehaw spirit, a number of rebels changed their display pictures to be cowboy-related, creating yet another profile pic trend.

#Memes Channel Highlights

Each month, we choose a few memes from the #memes channel to be included into Meme Column. Make sure to post your memes there to be possibly be featured and awarded 1000 Rebel Cash. Without further delay, read on for some of my favourites!

From Shpec, Colonel.

From cosmiss, RPF Veteran.

From jaeun, Second in Command.

From princhi, Third in Command.

From Moonlemur, Brigadier General.

From Link3000, Rebel Commander.

That is all for this month’s Meme Column. We hope you enjoyed reading up on all of this month’s funniest moments and trends. Until next time!

Special thanks to Elex and Coric for the graphics!

~ anya, Meme Columnist & Lieutenant General


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