You’ve Yee’d Your Last Haw: Federation Frontier Week Review

This last week of May, the Party Planning Committee introduced another week-long party filled with bodacious events and shenanigans from all the Rebel cowboys. What exactly did you miss on, you wonder? Well the party was no other than Federation Frontier Week! This special week took the Rebels on a spontaneous adventure to the wild west where the cowboys, horses, and cacti reside.

Enough talk! Let’s dive into what happened during:


The Announcement

This Monday, the 23rd of May, the Party Planning Committee announced Federation Frontier Week. The Rebels were transformed into cowboys and sent on a journey into the wild west where they had to make decisions that affected how smoothly their adventure would go! They had some obstacles along the way, in the form of missions that needed to be accomplished before being able to move on to a new location and earning the Wildest in the West role. Not to mention the fun cowboy themed events we had throughout the week!

Read the full announcement here if you’d like to take a look!

Event Recaps

Another PPC party means an entire week of themed events! This week we had all sorts of wild west themed events, ranging from tournaments, to simple dress-ups. Read on to see a recap of all our events from May 23rd to May 29th!

On Monday, for our break day event, RPF General Gabi and RPF Lieutenant General Maggie hosted an Among Us game night where we were all cowboys and sheriffs! Staying true to the theme, the Rebels went running around the map while trying to solve the mystery of who the impostor is amongst them.


A photo of the first sheriffs to travel to the outer space

For Tuesday we witnessed two events: Operation: To the Ranch [AUSIA] and Operation: Space Cowboy [US]. Both events were relevant to the party as we dressed up as farm animals for one of them, and became galactic space cowboys for the other!

Event Pic from Operation: To the Ranch [AUSIA]

Event Pic from Operation: Space Cowboys [US]

For Wednesday we had the event Operation: Howdy Sheriffs! [EU] which was star-studded, literally! Donning their starriest outfits, the Rebels became walking sheriff star badges, because one tiny badge is never enough!

Event Pic from Operation: Howdy, Sheriffs! [EU]

On Thursday, we saw two more events: Operation: Puffle Rodeo [AUSIA] and Operation: Wild West Drip [EU]. This was a very special day for the Rebels, for they were able to prove their cowboy-ness by rounding up some puffles and showing off their best wild west outfits!


The results of the Puffle Roundup tournament



First place winner of the wild west fashion contest!

For Friday, we had the event Operation: Musical Saddles [US] where the Rebels got to practice their line dancing! But being a good dancer is not enough, because good reflexes is also needed to win a round of musical chairs.


Candid photo of the Rebel cowboys playing musical chairs

On Saturday, two more events were held: Operation: Clowning Around [AUSIA] and Operation: Riding Off Into The Sunset [EU]. We got to experience being the joke of the town and being a cool horse-riding cowboy within the same day!

Event Pic from Operation: Clowning Around [AUSIA]

Event Pic from Operation: Riding Off Into The Sunset [EU]

On Sunday, we wrapped the party week up with a big 4-Way Branch Battle against the Ice Warriors in the event Operation: BIA Duel [EU]. RPF’s Navy, Air Force, along with IW’s Blizzard and Polar all took 15 steps back, whipped out their weapons, and went head-to-head on a cowboy vs. warrior duel!

Event Pic from Operation: BIA Duel [EU]

Party Statistics

It’s been a while since our last PPC party, so this one has been long awaited! Let’s see how many people participated in the party throughout the week!

How many Rebels had cowboy profile photos?

It’s RPF tradition to change your profile to reflect the theme of a PPC party, a tournament, or a war (if there is one!). Not the type of people to stray from the norm, we had a total of 29 Rebels edit cowboy hats onto their profile photos!

How many Rebels bought the Saddle Up role?

PPC parties usually have at least one role you can achieve as a memento for the party! This week, we had 2: Wildest in the West and Saddle Up. Sadly, not all the checkpoints were unlocked so the Rebels couldn’t earn Wildest in the West, but we’ve had 44 people purchase the Saddle Up role from the shop!

How many times was the :howdy: emote used?

To help build hype for the party, we added wild west themed emotes and stickers to the server. The most popular one was :howdy: or :howdy:, made by our very own Rebel Graphic Designer, Ohasa! It has been used a total of 81 times since it was added.

How many Rebels participated in the party?

All in all, we had a whopping 65 Rebels interact with the party! That was a very successful PPC party, if I do say so myself!

Funny Moments

Let’s take a look at all the blunders and clownery that made the entire saloon double over in laughter this week!





Behind the Scenes with PPC

This was a busy week full of themed events and exciting little tasks to do, but it wouldn’t have happened without PPC itself! We grabbed an interview with Maggie, Gabi, EmeraldGreen, Tomato, and ManxyPPC’s newest members, to gain more insight on what went down behind the scenes!

Q: How did you feel planning your first PPC party?

Gabi: it was a lot of fun! there was a lot of stuff to get my head around but overall it was a super fun experience
Maggie: It was really fun and exciting! I enjoyed being creative and working on the behind the scenes when I’m used to seeing the result😎
EmeraldGreen: Personally I enjoyed it a lot! There’s a lot of opportunities for working on projects which not only allows for a lot of tasks to choose from but also allows for everyone to contribute. I also really liked the creativity behind the ideas and planning and how you bounce off thoughts with each other. A blast to be had and look forward to the future parties!
Tomato: i feel super happy that it was successful and the planning process was really fun as well!!! esp collaborating w my fellow officers and hcom <3
Manxy: it was honestly a great experience! i had a lot of fun working with everyone and it felt nice to see people enjoying the events and the tasks! 

Q: In your opinion, what were the best and hardest parts of planning the party?

Gabi: i think coming up with initial ideas was pretty hard tbh especially as there was a lot of ideas being thrown around and it was was a lil bit overwhelming at first i did enjoy getting to work with om on the map though :Goo: it was such a fun task and it was a shame the final map never got to be revealed 🙁
Maggie: The best parts were seeing us all come together to plan and create the party because teamwork is cool when in action. The hardest parts were probably coming up with ideas because I kept blanking on how to make it better but it ended up being a very fun week 🤠 
EmeraldGreen: In my opinion, the hardest would be the earlier stages where we had to narrow down ideas to get to the final week. There were a lot of ideas and thinking that had to be considered and it was a lot to stay on top off. The best would be making the map with gobi 🤝 as well learning how to make the sheets for the first time! There’s a lot of opportunities found in this team as mentioned before
Tomato: i think coordinating planning times as theres a difference in timezones was the hardest parts but im glad it worked out in the end! i think the best part is that everyone could come together to plan something and let rebels enjoy the event 🙂
Manxy: the best part is definitely working with everyone and having a rewarding experience. the hardest part i think was finding an idea/ theme that we thought would work, but after we had a more specific idea of what we were gonna do the rest kinda just fell into place. 

Q: Are there any old PPC parties that make you wish you were in the team earlier so you could’ve helped plan it?

Gabi: i would have loved to have been able to help out for the olympics tbh but the great thing about them is that they happen twice a year :cooll:
Maggie: I thought the Rebel Grinchmas was so fun! I wish I would of been able to help plan it because it seemed like a blast ❤️
EmeraldGreen: One of the first parties that I’ve been to as a troop was the Alice in Wonderland party. It was a lot of fun doing the quiz, having the themed nicknames, and doing all the fun activities etc etc. It was also the party that made me enjoy RPF a lot more so I feel that would’ve been a fun one to be involved in and contribute
Tomato: no :oop:
Manxy: i remember really enjoying the Alice in Wonderland party so it would’ve been nice to help plan that

Q: What was your favourite part of the week?

Gabi: thats a tough question 🤔 i enjoyed a lot of the events we had to be honest especially the competitions! the puffle roundup and musical chair events were so much fun!
Maggie: I really enjoyed the western themed events and getting to say yeehaw and y’all like the southern girl I am at heart🤠
EmeraldGreen: The ‘wild west’ spirit in the week with the whole pfps, nicknames, emotes, all that goody cowboy stuff! I find it be very entertaining and involving for the people in the server to be around! The 4 way branch battle was also a really fun and neat idea which I enjoyed (even though Air Force lost😔)
Tomato: the cowboy themed events and the cyoa 🙂
Manxy: i think just the overall vibes of it. everyone was super into the theme and really played into the whole cowboy/ wildwest character which was really nice to see

Q: Thank you for the interview! Do you have any final comments?

Gabi: thank you for interviewing us! i just hope everyone enjoyed the week as much as we enjoyed planning it!
Maggie: thank you!! i hope y’all had a rootin tootin good ole time with us on the Federation Frontier 🙂
EmeraldGreen: Thank you so much for hosting the interview Jae! Hope you had a wild ol time in the Federation Frontier and see you for the future parties🤠
Tomato: nope and thank u jae for the interview and very glad to be part of this ppc team!!!! good job everyone <3
Manxy: ty for interviewing jae! so glad i got help plan this party!


That’s a wrap for the Federation Frontier Week! On behalf of the Party Planning Committee, I would like to thank everyone for participating in even the smallest tasks required for the party. We work hard to bring you these parties; starting from choosing a theme we think you’d all enjoy down to making the necessary graphics to enhance your party experience!

We hope you stick around to see what we’ll bring to the table next time but until then, stay tuned!

– Jaeun; RBT Editor, Second in Command


oh, to be a fluffy cow sitting in the meadow with a sunset backdrop 🌼🐄

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