Welcome to the 19th edition of the Meme Column! Today we will be looking back on some funny trends and moments that recently happened in RPF. In this edition we’re going over everything that happened in the months of September and October!

Rai Crowned King

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Rai has finally been crowned as king?! King Rai was officially crowned as king at Rai’s Coronation event, and has officially taken the throne.

Halloween Nicknames

Here’s how RPF started Halloween the right way! Horror week was filled with a bunch of giveaways and scary memories, and above all our awesome and creative names, of course.

Dream’s Face Reveal

Dream’s face reveal caused some absolute chaos in main chat, as you can see it for yourself above. It also made for some funny and memorable moments!

#meeting becomes #clown-residence (feat. cracked’s face)

During the Halloween Homecoming Awards presentation, it was revealed that #meeting had in fact been renamed to #clown-residence! A humorous development, but not a shocking one, just another common RPF HCOM occurrence.

Thank you everyone for the laughs of these past two months, next time we will cover all the funny moments that happened in November! and until next time.


♡A smile never goes out of style♡

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