Welcome to the 24th edition of the Meme Column! Today we will look back on some funny trends and moments that recently happened in RPF. In this edition, we’re going over everything that happened in March!

Picrew Trend

Starting the month with another picrew trend, there’s no good month without a good old picrew trend. A special thank you to Gianna for creating yet another collage! 🙂


With march madness finals approaching, Rai intended to get revenge on HF for banning him from their server, in the end, RPF had the win 😎

New Channel Names

Ending the month, three winners from the mm giveaways got to rename one channel each as of right now, #announcements is now #beansock-no-1 #events is now #please-attend-please please, and #event pics is now #please-take-pics-please, please.

April Fools (Bonus)

As an April Fool’s joke, the hcom team mixed n’ match all the role colors, and after MM we would be switching to panfu instead of Club Penguin. and don’t forget we had a wonderful visit from rusteze41, cannelloni26, and regina george aka f6sixer!

Thank you everyone for the laughs of this past month, next time we will cover all the funny moments that happened in April! and until next time.


♡A smile never goes out of style♡

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