Welcome back to the meme column, where we dive into the funniest moments and trends each month in RPF! Without further ado let’s dive into the knee slappers and amusing things of April!

April Fools

What better way to celebrate the first day of April than to turn the server into chaos. Beginning with the flip of the server icon, banner, and name, the ranks were almost turned upside down. Some members inversed their name or switched with others to confuse their fellow Rebels! From the random role hoisting to switched role names to the public HCOM chat to our short-lived Third in Command, it was truly a great experience for all of RPF!

Panini Cult

Beginning with a joke about a Panini Buffet, RPF Members during AUSIA hours changed their names to panini to commemorate our wonderful Third in Command. It sure was a great RPF feast!

Color Changing Vets

You’ve definitely seen our chat bums RPF Veterans roaming around the chats of RPF dressed in their Purple or HOF Colors! During the middle of April, we saw some of the active vets receive Colonel roles and dominate chat with their new teal colors. In recent days you may have even seen some vets in the famous Scout Medic color!

The Spice Rack

Beginning as a profile picture trend by our Third in Commands, featuring the King Spice, of a variety of McCormick Spices, other RPF Members soon followed changing their profile pictures to match the emerging trend! RPF would be converted from an army to a spice rack!

Toad’s Swamp

For one week, Officer Cadet Toadimation remained the only member of the legendary Doot rank. The secret cadets channel would be renamed Toad’s Swamp, a reference to our favorite ogre’s habitat. Toad would even get a free temporary custom role named Toad!

Highlights from the Memes Channel

Each month we feature some of the memes you, the readers, have sent in the #memes channel that are related to RPF or Club Penguin. Feel free to send any meme related to RPF or Club Penguin throughout the month and you may end up being featured!

Rebel Checks

This meme posted by Captain Vinzed N features a Rebel Check used to show a transaction to RPF Veteran brattybottom. Could this be the future of the Rebel Cash economy???

Event Formalities

This meme posted by Colonel Makzing features the Winnie the Pooh meme. To replace the classic hype, a more formal version is shown. Truly would be an interesting sight for new members!

CPR Loading Struggles

We all have those struggles trying to log into CPR in the HTML days. This meme posted by Ally Amethyst shows the frustration.

That’s all we got for this month! Hope to see you all next month where we cover the month of May and its funnies! Until then keep staying funny fellow Rebels!

If you have any ideas or submissions for the Meme Column, don’t hesitate to DM the Meme Columnists: Yodabobobo#9250 & mars#8191

Yodabobobo~Meme Column Editor/General

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