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—◊ Weekly Maxes and Averages ◊—

—◊ Maxes ◊—

AUSIA: 30 (6⇓)
EU: 54 (25⇓)
US: 52 (9⇑)

—◊ Averages ◊—

AUSIA: 27 (5⇓)
EU: 42 (9⇓)
US: 46 (5⇑)
Total: 39 (4⇓)

—◊ Weekly News ◊—

The YouTube Team is currently accepting new members! If you are skilled at screen recording or video editing, and are at the rank of Specialist or above, feel free to apply here!

Spring Seasonal Roles have almost come to an end. You still have a little over 2 weeks to get the roles, so keep on recruiting! Check out this post for more information!

Troop of the Week this week is Chad! He tries his best to attend events and is an overall hardworking troop! Be sure to congratulate Chad if you see him in chat!

—◊ By the Numbers ◊—

How many Rebels got promoted this week?

With a total of 23 new promotions, there were…

3 Officer Cadets
1 Colonel
1 Major
1 Scout Medic
4 Specialists
3 Sergeants
3 Corporals
2 Lance Corporals
5 Private First Classes

How many event pics were posted?

This week, there were 1,801 pics of our events sent in the #events-pics channel!

How many pictures were sent in #pets?

This week, 38 images were posted in #pets of everyone’s adorable pets!

—◊ Weekly Comic ◊—

Mars tries to help Avril and Yoda out of a hole, but with words sounding so similar; Avril takes advantage and tries to make light of the situation.”

—◊ Challenge of the Week ◊—

Avril has created another challenge centered around the Mountain Expedition party teased by CPR! This week, find all 15 items hidden in the ‘I Spy’ below to receive a rebel cash prize!
Items to find: Explorer hat, Backpack, Sledding inner tube, Telescope, Singular hard hat, Map, Jack hammer, Hiking boots, Rope, Scarf, Binoculars, Singular red flag, First aid kit, PSA phone, Compass

DM ѕaraн#4646 on Discord the location of all the items for a prize of 1000 Rebel Cash! 

—◊ Division Recap ◊—

—◊ Sunday ◊—


Max: 30
Avg: 28

Today we wore our favorite aprons for this AUSIA event called Operation: Apron Extravaganza! We had lots of fun roaming the island and serving up some terrific tactics and forms.

Click here for the full report!


Max: 45
Avg: 41

What are those?! They are our crocs! For this EU event called Operation: Croc It Like It’s Hot, we grabbed our crocs and waddled around while showing everyone our fashionable footwear

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Monday ◊—

This Break Day, YipYorp hosted a Guitar Hero event! The rebels channeled their inner rock star at this jammin’ event! Thank you to everyone who attended!

—◊ Tuesday ◊—


Max: 46
Avg: 45

For Tuesday’s US event we grabbed our honey and logged onto Zipline – CPRewritten. We brought Avril’s winning contest, Winnie the Pooh themed event to life by wearing a red shirt and yellow froggy hat. We all performed some super sweet tactics and had loads of fun!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Wednesday ◊—


Max: 47
Avg: 40

For Operation: All Caps, we logged onto Zipline – CPR for a cap filled event! Everyone donned their colorful baseball hats from the recent item code. Captastic job to everyone who attended!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Thursday ◊—


Max: 28
Avg: 25

For Operation: Caught in 4K, we logged onto Crystal – CPR grabbing the video camera from the Gift Shop and waddling around capturing the happenings of the island! We sure had some high-def forms!

Click here for the full report!


Max: 37
Avg: 37

Operation: Kermitment was a rebel favorite indeed! Highly suggested by fellow rebels, we logged onto Zipline – CPR with our choice of any of the five colorful froggy hats. As current Third In Command, Amoji, would say: we were kermitted til the end! 

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Friday ◊—


Max: 52
Avg: 46

On this Friday’s US event, the Rebels wore their best summery outfits for Operation: Tropic Like It’s Hot. We basked under the warm sun of Zipline – CPRewritten while doing tactics and cool forms. Congratulations to Lennon, Master DS and Crow on their winning outfits! 

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Saturday ◊—


Max: 54
Avg: 48

For Saturday’s EU event, Operation: Business Casual, we dressed up in fancy attire for a lovely night/day out. At Zipline on CPRewritten, we strut our stuff with stunning tactics and formations. Check out the post below if you want to see how the event turned out!

Click here for the full report!

-Tuxedo Times Team: Avril, Princhi, Woogs, Z3ming, Mars, Yo Gal, Coric, Milly, and Sarah


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