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Welcome to the Alienn is Over Party, where you are all invited to read along with my RPF journey that lead up to all of the great things I was able to take part in since joining the penguins! The time has unfortunately come to retire from my Third in Command position, as I’ve had to shift my focus to irl for the time being. I’m so thankful for all the memories I’ve made and friendships I’ve formed here, so please join me in taking a walk down memory lane ✨ Sparkles Emoji on Apple iOS 11.1

On March 3rd, 2021 I was playing CP Rewritten (rip too soon File:Emoji u1f64f.svg - Wikimedia Commons) and was asked to join a fun group. Having no idea what was happening I of course said yes and found myself in the Rebel Penguin Federation. The first thing that surprised me about RPF was how nice and kind everyone was. I decided to stay and get to know everyone more, and within 2 weeks of joining I was awarded Troop of the Week #189 during the iconic Alice in Wonderland Week.

Shortly after as I continued to make friends and rank up, I knew I wanted to help make a difference within RPF and join the staff team. I learned about the staff team and what the different roles we played were during my 2 weeks as Officer Cadet, and quickly ranked up throughout the mod ranks.

I joined the Rebel Broadcast Team, CPR News Team, and Party Planning Committee where I got to contribute even more to this amazing community and help troops just like how I once was.

On January 7th, Just a few days after my 10 month anniversary, I was promoted to the position of Third in Command, where I joined the HCOM team. This was my goal from the beginning of my RPF career and I am so thankful to have been able to be a part of this hardworking, dedicated, and incredible team.

Getting to mentor others, plan events, lead tactics, and be a leader in RPF has been once experience I will never forget, along with some pretty cool people I met along the way:


MY TWIN <33 You’re such a big part of the reason for why I stayed in RPF as a troop and was motivated to rank up. You’ve been nothing but kind and supportive, and we’ve instantly clicked ever since that first night playing CODM :love4u:


I can’t say a lot of what I want to here but uak what I want to say 😉 Thank you for being my rock, my support, and for letting me beat you at MK8 those 3 times (and counting). I love you to the moon and back (even tho it’s Astronomyyyy).


BRO…. :flushed: My literal Greek cousin from another set of parents <3 You are the kindest and most patient soul there is, I seriously don’t know what I would have done without you. You’re killing it as RC and I know you will continue to, beach walks with the dogs :soon:


Fellow Hooty Stan (along with the rest of redacted) thank you so much for always helping to keep me positive and teaching me to not take everything so seriously. You were an amazing mentor and continue to be an amazing RC.


Can’t believe that’s our friendship started from :whatifwetouchedbeaksbutplatonica: and now we still doing it 15 months later in almost every event we can remember to :’) You’re such an incredible and thoughtful friend (and mentor for a week WOO) and I know you’re going to keep doing amazing things for the penguins and irl :DoingAmazing:


KITTEN my cadet and JS mentor I am so grateful for all of the concerts, Jackbox games, penguin songs, and deep talks we’ve shared :’) You’ve been such a great friend and an okay (I guess?) mentor too!!


AUSIA QUEEN :bowing: You are the definition of a strong leader who is destined for success, keep working towards your goals and I know you’ll get there!! Thank you for all of the sleep deprived AUSIA co-leads, top tier memes, and ofc Dug cry sessions <3


:love4u: :emoyai: :dhmu: DAUGHTERRRR I’ll always cherish all of the fun times we had together as troops and staff alike :WORSHIP:


The best bagel chef in the game hands down!! You are so full of energy and always know how to make me laugh, thank you for all of the fun memories over the months <3


My Staff Day 1’s I have nothing but love for y’all and will always remember the good times we had <3

EmeraldGreen (greensmile), Coric (:coricBONK: your comics are iconic), Anya (if you’re reading this go to bed!), Manxy (Nya~), Pinkpop (kith), Bubbles (catkiss)

In no particular order shoutout to these awesome people for also having an impact on my time in RPF:

F6sixer (goodnight my rebel commander), Yoda (applebruh), Lance (build a bear ONE DAY), Mochii (give my regards to ur mom!!), Rocket (keep your wheat safe), Vish (CODM king), moon (:moon_with_smiling_face), Brenatto, yas (insert beaver musk pun), Avril (wifey), yo gal, Gabi (DIY and culinary queen pls keep sending dog updates!), TheHawtsus, Ulti, crazzy, amoji, panini, Milly (rarara), Cracked(gallina gorda), CptSharp, ford (not a car), heath (:rebelwaiting:), yvng (RAP FOR US YVNG BALLER), z3 (:moose:), Sharki (redpanda supremacy), Guinz (:hehe:), imatsoup, LittySkitty (event guide making icon), Maggie (my ex mentee <3 :’) insert Happy sticker), Tomatoeee, Joseph, Master DS (my mentee :’) ), Cozy, Brattybottom, EllaBellaTexas, Crow (crowmigo <3), Quix, Lexie, Erik, Ash, Sarah (my recruiter!!), Mars (space gang), Mac (my MAN *insert cat handshake*), Woogs (luma Stan <3), Esk, Beetle, Steax (slay), Zhark (you ate all the ham in the fridge), Toad, Lime (virgo gang), the Dua Inn Lipa Fighters, all of our allies, CPAN, not Vannessaa, and ofc AppleJack <3

And now for some iconic memories:

If you weren’t included here, know that if I have ever spoken to you, vc’d, attended an event with, or even just said a few words to you then you’ve made an impact on my journey here and I’m so thankful for that. Remember that you are stronger than you know, and to keep fighting the good fight!

“Don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day”

Gravity Falls - We'll Meet Again - YouTube

Alienn, (now retired) Third in Command <3


You're doing amazing sweetie

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