Operation: Amplification Declassified

Let’s try this again.

Play video at 0.75 speed while reading. Trust me, just do it.

What is Operation: Amplification? Operation: Amplification is the successor the recent Operation: Exodus, which was us moving off of Club Penguin and onto other games. With Operation: Amplification I do not wish to do this; I believe it is for the best that we remain on Club Penguin. However, I do think it’s necessary that we branch out onto other games. After all, we were meant to from the very beginning.

Now, I would have said “Let’s try this a second time”, but of course, this is not the second time. This isn’t even the third, fourth, or fifth time. I’m starting to lose count if I’m being honest. Here, let’s just start back from the beginning.

The month is September. The year is 2006.

A person by the name of “Oagalthorp” has decided to take the snowball games in Club Penguin to another level. Now granted, people have already taken it to another level. Originally organizing into teams by colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, and black, others got the idea to take it a step further and organize into actual clans, such as Agents, Vikings, Romans (shout out to my boys), and others. Oagalthorp, however, decided to organize not into teams, not into clans, but into an army.

Others began to follow suit. The Underground Mafias Army was quick to follow by only a few months later. They became a superpower, defeating Oagalthorp and his army that would become famously known as the Army of Club Penguin on every server, and in every room, they fought.

That was until someone that many of us are familiar with would begin to have a problem with the way things were going. His name was Commando717.

Commando would rebel from the Underground Mafias Army in a turning point in Club Penguin army history, creating his own army known as the Rebel Penguin Federation. This army and Oagalthorp’s army would team up together to ultimately defeat the Underground Mafias Army in what would be known in Club Penguin warfare history as World War III.

But Commando wasn’t done.

Commando began to brainstorm for how to make armies more “fun”. The solution was far from simple, but at the same time far from boring. Club Penguin armies would operate in the simulation of real-life warfare. Each army will be able to control their own servers, and each army would try to invade those servers from other armies. The goal was simple: take all the servers, dominate Club Penguin. You win. With the mastermind that is Commando and the celebrity that was Oagalthorp both backing this plan, it was only a matter of time. Before 2008 rolled around, every army in Club Penguin was following this system.

But of course, we’re only at the beginning here. Nothing I’ve said directly relates to Operation: Amplification, but it’s important as backstory. I need all of you to understand why we’re doing this, and why we’ve wanted to do this from the very start.

Commando soon thereafter would launch a program in the Rebel Penguin Federation that would be known as the “Commando Corps”. The object of this special division was simply to explore other games for a future home for the Rebel Penguin Federation, recognizing the Club Penguin was not the optimal choice to house a prestigious army like itself.

After many shortcomings, the Commando Corps would shut down, unsuccessful. However, the Commando Corps did find success in a different way: members of the Commando Corps would place this symbol ▀▄▀ in their names. After the shutdown of the Commando Corps, members of the Rebel Penguin Federation would become known from all over the community, being recognized only by this symbol.

Commando would later retire in April 2008, but his work in armies was not done. He would create a parent organization for the Rebel Penguin Federation known as the Rebel Gaming Federation. Nevertheless, through more experimentation, this organization would later shut down as well.

It wasn’t until 2013 where similar operations would be held. With the dawn of the Second Golden Age that would become known to history as “RPF Victory”, Commando launched a Minecraft server for the Rebel Penguin Federation. It’s popularity surged, but through the removal of Elmikey, marking the end of the Second Golden Age, the server would lose support. It was later shut down.

And then, silence.

For years, nothing more was made out of the plans to launch the Rebel Penguin Federation onto other games. Commando made little to no appearances in 2014. In 2015 and 2016 he made a few appearances, but to work not on expanding the Rebel Penguin Federation to other games, instead working on improving the system for “nations” that he and Oagalthorp had come up with back in 2008. Interactive maps were made, representing each Club Penguin server as a country, displaying the color of the Club Penguin army that owned it.

But then, the unexpected would happen. Club Penguin would shut down in March 2017, marking the end of Club Penguin armies.

But not the end of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

The Rebel Penguin Federation would outlast death itself, finding themselves with a new motto: Through suffering, we fight. No end in sight.

We would move onto Club Penguin Private Servers, where the community would thrive after the death of the official Club Penguin. The Rebel Penguin Federation would go on to face, and defeat, the largest clan in Club Penguin Army history: the Tubas.

We would later move off the chat platform that we were on, Xat, and onto a new one: Discord. This allowed for the creative minds at the head of the Rebel Penguin Federation to really explore with the options that they had. By the end of the year, the Rebel Penguin Federation would have thousands of members.

Oh, how could I forget? July, right. Commando, Twitchy543 (ayy das me holla), ATM 23, Alex N, and some others would launch the “Rebel Federation” as an organization similar to the Rebel Gaming Federation that was conceptualized in 2008, however with more advanced technology such as Discord hopefully allowing it to flourish more. But, the organization fails to gain the support of the leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation. In an attempt to exist on its own, separate from the branch that it relied on for life, the Rebel Federation falls into the grave where it’s predecessors lay. 

This looked like the end, but as we’ve learned thus far, the Rebel Penguin Federation did not understand the concept of the word “end”. No, every ending is only a new beginning.

Operation: Exodus would hit the drawing board immediately subsequent to the failure of what we’ll hereby refer to as “Rebel Federation 1.0”, or RF1.0. We recognized the main problem as lacking the support of the Rebel Penguin Federation. There was no word reaching public eye as to what would happen with the future, but in the staff rooms, things were not as calm.

Operation: Exodus had nearly been fully planned, but there were some leaders who weren’t fond of the plan. What resulted in the defacing of the Rebel Federation’s Discord server as a result of the distaste towards the plan by some of the leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation would cause Operation: Exodus to launch immediately. However, the logistics for the operation hadn’t finished being run yet, and the plan would fail as its predecessors did shortly thereafter. We would move back to Club Penguin Rewritten.

And the Discord server would be defaced once again, with the consent of the leaders at the time. This would result in me staging a coup d’etat on both leaders, taking control of what was now the “Rebel Federation” myself.

I spent months planning this, running the logistics, and speaking with several advisors on this plan. I have full confidence that this plan will work flawlessly, but I need your support if we want this to be successful. So let me break down the changes.


The Rebel Federation will be separated into factions. Each faction will house its own game. Pretty simple. For example, we have the Club Penguin faction, we might have a Clash of Clans faction, a Minecraft faction, a League of Legends faction, or what have you.

Factions are added based on the demand thereof. A faction is not added to the Rebel Federation because one or two people want it, but because dozens of people want it. If the faction fails to meet the standards required by the Rebel Federation, it ceases operation.

Each faction is given the freedom to create their own unique ranking system and other individual functions to meet the demands necessary for their faction to flourish.

Community Levels


The Administrator is the head honcho. He’s the one making sure that every faction in the Rebel Federation operates smoothly, overseeing everything relating to the Federation as needed.

The Directors are the faction leaders, responsible for organizing events, unique ranking systems that fit into the community levels, and recruiting & training regiments as necessary to keep their factions in top-notch performance. They are assisted by the Managers, who will act as their second-in-command. 


The moderation team will consist of three different positions. At the top: Supervisors, who have the ability to kick, ban, mute, etc. Considered to be the “Head Moderators” of the server.

Below them are the Moderators themselves, who can kick and mute, but not ban.

And below them are the Mediators—those in training for moderator, who are able to only mute.


Below them are the members of the Rebel Federation. That’s probably most of you reading this post (assuming you’ve made it this far). Members are divided into tiers to represent who has worked the hardest in their journey in the Rebel Federation.

The Website

The website probably won’t be launched until later, but eventually, we’re going to launch a new website called RebelFederation.com. The homepage of the website will be acting only as a portal to other factions. Each faction will have its own subdomain (e.g. ClubPenguin.RebelFederation.com), where they’ll be granted the freedom to run their faction as they please.

Now, of course, more changes will come in time, so I ask all of you to be patient and supportive. This is a big change, I know. A lot of you are going to be uncomfortable with a change like this at first. But stick with me here.

Through suffering, we fight.

No end in sight.

Break past the limit.

And fight the good fight.

— Twitchy543 —

— RF Administrator —


You know who I am.


  1. amazing post
    Love this new ideas

  2. I am for this new change. The RF will last forever. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT FOREVER!

    – Dino, Supervisor of the Rebel Federation.

  3. What does this mean? Is it major? How can these “factions” effect the rf?

    • Yes, it’s major! This is going to completely change the course of the Rebel Federation for the years to come. We aren’t just using Club Penguin anymore, but we’re going to have different teams that use different games! Of course, you can still be in the Club Penguin team if that’s what you want to do, but we’ll have more options now.

  4. Question- are you allowed to be in and participate in as many factions as you want? Or would it just be one

  5. Question: How many factions are there going to be and can you be in more than one faction?

  6. will the demand for games be determined simply by how many people say “I want a league of legends faction” in main? Or by people voting yes on a suggestion for a league faction? Or will there be an official Google form where people can propose games before hand and then everybody can vote on all the games they want as a faction?

  7. Two more questions
    When does this all launch and what will the starting factions be before anyone suggests new ones

  8. One more
    What if you got promoted in one faction, would your rank as in “member I-X” would increase or how would promotions for the member ranks work

  9. Why are we going back to ROTW?

  10. It’s about time we distanced ourselves from CP again, people were starting to confuse for for a Club Penguin Army.

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