Operation: Ascension

Operation: Ascension

Hey, Rebel Commander Cosmo here… I think some of you might already know what this post is about, and if you don’t, then let’s just keep on reading further until you can realise what it really is about.
Also, this post is dedicated to Biznitches Lashane (You know who you are)

Just real quick, I’ve no clue how to go over this, I asked Elex for some help and she told me to talk about how great she is and how it was actually her using my account all the time. Wait am I her alt then?

I suppose we could start with when I rejoined last year in late August – Before that if you wanna read about my first RPF journey, here‘s an old retirement post of mine.

Alright, let’s start with me rejoining as a 3ic, which only lasted about a week, I kind of rage quitted like a brat because I thought I was entitled to respect or something, but when I thought about it later, it was maybe just me being a child. So, I gave rejoining another thought, this time I rejoined for 4ic which is the General rank, I didn’t quite like it if I’m being sincere, but I still took it, and at that time, I just had a few goals in mind, 1) Big AUSIA, 2) Earn the respect as a former RPF leader, 3) Re-earn all HCOM ranks, and last but not least 4) Get Rebel Commander again. Number 4 is the same as #3 but it’s just different to get Rebel Commander again. These goals are basically “Operation: Ascension”.

I basically wanted leader again just to show the Summer HCOM of 2019 that offered me 4ic to rejoin that their decision sucked. So I got to work, as Officer, I spent most of my time working for a promotion, which took me around four weeks to get HCOM again. After that, you usually relax a bit, before getting to work, but I was quite motivated at the moment so I didn’t really stop working until I got Second in command a few months later in December 2019, from there, I really started working for the leader position, making sure AUSIA goes well and really just looking at how Ulti was running RPF at the time. I remember one of the biggest things, (this was pre-corona boom) we had these two massive AUSIA and EU events, the AUSIA was the tree costume event, in which we managed to hit 83 counted troops in the tree costume, our initial goal was 81 to break our max of 80, the original highest recorded AUSIA event ever, led by Night. It was a huge feat for an AUSIA to hit this big, and me and Redweeb setting a whole new record. We also hit 178 at the EU event, which was the highest recorded RPF rogue event!
From maxing 14+ just a few months before hitting 83+ it was a fantastic moment, one of my favourite memories to treasure on this journey. Shoutout to my best friend Lucy, and my old AUSIA squad <3

Now, moving on, gonna skip some irrelevant stuff and skip to some important parts, as months went by sizes gradually went up, mostly because CPR was blooming cause of the pandemic and lockdown, and of course, because of our top recruiters!! This also happened to be the time where AUSIA was constantly hitting 80+ on the go, we also ended up breaking the 83+ max record with a new 102+ max for AUSIA. Now, this. Is a very treasured moment for me and a lot of people.

Other than AUSIA, I’m also very proud and excited about leading a Legends Cup tourney, hitting a max of 162, and 155 in semi-finals and final’s respectively. It was a big proud moment for me and Crazzy both. Probably one of my favourite events to lead was the LCX Semi-Finals against Ice Warriors. Such a glorious battle. Shoutout to you if you were there :0
Here are some notable things from this year I’m very proud to accomplish which literally wouldn’t have been possible without my co-leader Crazzy:-

  • Winning Legends Cup X
  • Winning CPAH: Fright or Fight tournament
  • Winning Christmas Chaos X
  • Winning every official tournament that took place in 2020.
  • AUSIA hitting max 102+
  • Hitting 162+ and 155+ back to back in a weeks difference.
  • Getting RPF Icon along with Crazzy
  • Team Cerberus winning Winter Olympics

I think we’ve listed enough accomplishments, let me give you guys some valid reasons for the publishment of this post. Okay well, let me start with the most valid reason… I hate rpf!1!1!1!! I really just find my self tired after my classes, and especially since IRL, life has been busy. As time went by, I find it hard to even take part in main-chat and just… generally I couldn’t fit in anymore. My friends’ group from RPF retired some time ago, and you all must agree that all this is much more fun with friends, right? I stuck around as much as I could and I found myself alienated, kind of. It’s just that people wouldn’t get my jokes, or normally the response to any funny thing I’d say was “i-“. Huge shoutout to Patrick for being there when I needed it the most. Thanks to Patrick the last few months I spent got to be very fun, and I’m glad I got to know her before I retired. And then events. I really prefer battle events in comparison to costume events, I don’t really like costume events in all honesty and I actually planned on doing this earlier than right now. Originally it was supposed to be November, but then I heard CCX was just around the corner so stayed to help lead that. But seeing as now that all’s done for me, I really think it’s alright to go now.

Here are a few people I’d like to thank a lot for being awesome and just generally being here:-


Of course, the first person to be thanked is going to be my co-leader. I just wanna genuinely thank you so much, for being such an amazing co-leader. Nothing better I could ask for myself. Leading with Crazzy was like a dream, just too damn good. Way way way better than the last trio of leaders I led with (no offence silv and liz<3). She has been such a natural and wonderful leader; I’ve no doubt she could’ve easily solo led RPF. But without her, a lot, if not all of the stuff we accomplished this year, wouldn’t be possible. So a huge thank you, Crazzy.


I don’t even know where to begin to thank elexander. She has helped me through so much this year, and without her and probably would have retired quite some time ago. She made RPF fun for me. I also mentored elex so like!! It’s a special bond, the kind of friendship you develop once. We kinda helped each other, I’d be like “I wanna retire”, elex would say no, then elex would be like “I wanna retire”, and I would say no. She has helped me so much, I don’t even think that this is enough to thank her for all she did. I wish you all the best ahead in RPF, elex. I’m gonna miss being enlisted with you =[


Thank you WOLVES for making my time in RPF durable, and for being my brother all the time. I genuinely was very sad to see you retire, after that meeting got kinda sad for me :(( So here I am, joining you at the veteran helm, you can leave the server now.


Hi moon, thank you so much for being such an amazing friend and a person to rant when needed. I really appreciate me, Cat, you and Steax vcing at night, it was very fun! And it’s a few of the memories that I will always cherish from RPF. Once again thank you so much! And you better get Rebel Commander in the future.


Yoooo Steax, HI! Just wanted to say thanks for being such an amazing mentee to have and a good friend, I really appreciate us vcing together back in the good old days (like 5 months ago) Honestly it was so fun to just relax in VC with you. Thank you for being such an amazing person. I wish you all the best with IRL and RPF! Love you lots kid <3

Popsicle, Perry, Silv, & Cheese

You guys were such a help along the way, I couldn’t have done it if it weren’t for you guys helping me and Crazzy around. You guys are absolutely amazing advisors, losing you guys would be a massive loss to RPF. I hope I made you guys proud and I know for sure that I’m severely proud of having you people as my Advisors. Love you guys <3

Here are the rest of the people who deserve their own paragraphs but my fingers are literally freezing at the moment, so a shoutout will do! These have helped a lot during this RPF journey²:- Patrick, redweeb, starship, F6, sharly, Quack, Brenaddo, miller, pengo, panini, amojo, mac, link, lanie
And even though you all aired me whenever I sent memes most of the time!11!!1!!, shoutout to my awesome Officers team, who work hard day and night and make sure RPF is hitting big and keeping safe, they’re a key ingredient to RPFs success, so treat them with the respect that they’ve earned.

Shoutout to my Black Ice Alliance fam, y’all been a pleasure to work, absolutely loved dominating the community with y’all, all the best for ahead <3

And to my mentees, Speedy & Yip, I wish you both all the best in the future, with IRL and RPF. You both have been lovely mentees to have, I’m sorry our journey was only meant to be this far but I for sure will miss it =’] (also I wrote this bit in January, and at this point, I’m not sure when this post will go out so just:flushed:)

To Elex & F6, I and the advisors entrust RPF to you, I’ve no doubt you guys are gonna do wonderful things, and forge a legacy of your own. You guys are gonna be amazing leaders. All the best <3

And last but not least and most importantly, thank you RPF, for letting me be your Rebel Commander, and of course, for being such an amazing community.

So there we have it, Operation: Ascension successfully completed. Thank you so much for reading this far. I would have most definitely dozed off midway of reading it, but oh well!

This is Bravo 6, logging off.
Fare thee well, and until next time, take care y’all
Cosmo, Former Rebel Commander


Hey, if you're reading this, congratulations, you just lost the game

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