PET COLUMN – Hopper, Alfred, Simba

Hiya rebels! We are back with another edition of Pet Column, where EllaBella and Moonlemur show off the beautiful pets of RPF! Keep posting pics of your furry animals in our #pets channel for the chance to be interviewed for our next column as well. Let’s meet today’s featured pets!

Meet Officer Cadet Owl’s Cat!


Name: Hopper – She was actually named after that when she was a kitten she was extremely jumpy and would hop on everything.

Age: She is just under 8 years old I believe! But I do not know her exact DOB

Breed: Because of the way we got her I cannot say with 100% certainty of what breed she is but she looks like an American shorthair cat and afaik has a lot of personality traits of one 😭

Favorite Food: Probably pasta LOL Whenever I’m having some she wants it so bad :sob: but for a food she can actually have without it making her sick would probably be chicken! As a fun fact, she is actually a cat that despises fish 💀

Our new Pet Columnist, Ella, interviewed Owl to talk about their lovely cat hopper! Let’s see what they had to say:

Ella: How did you get Hopper?
Owl: From my friend’s family who actually had a stray cat who stayed around their house and had kittens!

Ella: What do you like/love most about Hopper?

Owl: Honestly I think just how much we both get along LMAO she’s so needy and I am too so she’s a perfect cuddle buddy for me :relieved: she’s just very very loving and it shows

Ella: If you could travel anywhere with your pet, where would the two of you go?

Owl: Honestly she doesn’t like going places at all if she had it her way I think she would just eternally be on my bed or futon seogwseagjuopg but I do think she would like to meet some distant friends of mine so probably some of my friend’s houses so she could meet them and they could meet her

Meet Colonel Bubble’s Cat!


Name: Alfred

Age: 1 year old

Breed: American shorthair, mainecoon cross

Favorite food: Pate

Next, our other Pet Columnist, Moonlemur, interviewed Bubbles to talk about her wonderful cat Alfred! Let’s see what she had to say:

Moonlemur: What made you choose his name?

Bubbles: The name just popped into my head and I was like Alfred suits him.

Moonlemur: If Alfred was a mythical creature what one would he be?

Bubbles: I’m not sure, and that is big, chunky, lazy, and loves to eat.

Moonlemur: Do you have any favorite memories with him?

Bubbles: I know seeing him grow up into this big loving cat has been great. So I guess every day I have with him.

Meet 2ic Princhi’s Dog!


Name: Simba

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Golden Retriever

Favorite food: Green apple

Lemur was able to get another interview, this time regarding Princhi’s incredibly cute doggo!
Moonlemur: What made you choose his name?
Princhi: It was actually my little brother, who was 7 at the time, that chose his name. No one could think of anything better, so Simba it was.
Moonlemur: If you could take him anywhere in the world where would it be?
Princhi: I would probably take him somewhere with a pretty beach and waves. Back when he lived with my dad, he enjoyed chasing waves and playing around in the sand. Unfortunately, now, he can’t even swim in the lake at home because it’s not allowed.
Moonlemur: Does he have any particular personality traits?
Princhi: He’s pretty much like every other Golden Retriever to be honest. One quirk about him, though, is that he likes drinking water in a “loaf” position, like a cat.

That’s it for this edition! Stay tuned for the upcoming one to see which pets are being featured next. Keep posting photos of your pets in our #pets channel for the opportunity to get featured and until next time!




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