Hey there Rebels! Welcome back to another edition of the Pet Column, where Jaeun, Cracked, and Yas get to know the pets of the RPF! Be sure to post your pets in the #pets channel and you may have a chance of being interviewed for an upcoming issue. Hope you enjoy reading about these adorable pets!

Meet Corporal ImScared’s pet cats!


Name: Tiger
Age: 12 years
Breed: Tabby cat
Favourite Food: shrimp


Name: Tabby
Age: 11 years
Breed: Tabby cat
Favourite Food: just about anything

Our pet columnist, Jaeun, grabbed an interview with ImScared to talk about their cats! Read on to know more about Tiger and Tabby.

Jaeun: If your cats were to go trick or treating, which candies do you think would be their favorite?
ImScared: Tiger’s candy would be Swedish Fish, and every candy would be Tabby’s favorite!

Jaeun: What are some of Tiger’s and Tabby’s quirks/mannerisms that you love?
ImScared: Tiger’s sassy attitude and how he rocks back and forth while he sits! As for Tabby, he has the zoomies a lot and that he meows 5000 times a day.

Jaeun: What do you think your pet dreams of when they’re sleeping?
ImScared: Tiger dreams of eating grass, and Tabby dreams of eating food.

Meet Major Nooza’s cats!


Name: Oumar
Age: turns 4 in december
Breed: siamese persian
Favourite food: chimken
Name: Kiara
Age: turns 4 in january
Breed: british short hair persian
Favourite food: any kind of dry food (for cats ofc)

Our pet columnist Jaeun talked to Nooza about her cat couple, Oumar and Kiara! Let’s go see what she has to say!

Jaeun: Between Oumar and Kiara, which one is more likely to get in trouble and why
Nooza: omgomg Oumar,, manz loves to attack his wife and children smh. oh and he always dismantles the water fountain and doesnt let the other cats hydrate :catscream:

JaeunHow did you decide on your cats’ names? are there any fun stories behind them?
Nooza: oh gosh uhhh not really? for oumar and kiara at least LOL my mom wanted them to have very cultural names apparently

Jaeun: If your cats could choose outfits on their own, what do you think they’d wear?
Nooza: honestly i think they just wouldnt wanna wear any outfits butttt probably like a feed me or let me sleep shirt,,, little meowers eat too much theyre getting so chonk and also slep too much :catscream:

Jaeun: If you could travel anywhere in the world with your cats, where would you take them?
Nooza: oh oh i think tbh a roadtrip to nowhere would be so fun, and we could stop by like a beach or some park and go for little walks :CH_CatBlushy:

We hope everyone enjoyed this week’s edition of RPF’s Pet Column! As always, keep an eye out for the next issue! Keep posting photos of you pets in the #pets channel, and give them all the pets and treats they deserve.

– Jaeun; Pet Columnist, Third in Command


oh, to be a fluffy cow sitting in the meadow with a sunset backdrop 🌼🐄

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