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Today I am going to be showing you how to complete the third PSA mission – Case of The Missing Coins.

If you don’t know how to access the HQ and the mission panel, click here

If you wish to attempt the mission yourself, don’t read any further as there will be spoilers!

Teleport to the HQ and click on the mission and then click “Start Mission” to begin.

After clicking ‘Start Mission’, you will be greeted by Rookie. Click on him and start talking to him.

Eventually, you can ask Rookie to close the vault and reopen it. Rookie being Rookie, he will close the vault and not know how to reopen it.

After asking him where to find the combination code, he will direct you to G’s Office. Interact with it.

When entering G’s Office, look around for this couch. After finding it, click under it.

Add the paperclip and CD to your Inventory.

Exit from under the couch and look around for G’s computer.

Interact with the computer and then turn it on. Then, go into your Inventory and click on the CD. Insert it into the drive.

After the computer boots up, you will be greeted with ‘My Files’. Click on this and three more options will drop down. Click on ‘Combination_Number’.

Note: You can also play ‘Ice_Blocks’ (highlighted in blue). This doesn’t make any difference to the progress of the mission.

After clicking on ‘Combination_Number’, you will have 4 numbers to remember/write down. These are random every time. In this walkthrough, I got N4, E4, S1 and W4.

After noting down these 4 numbers, exit the computer and go back downstairs.

Click on the vault door and enter your 4 numbers.

Note: Remember to enter them in the right order. The numbers are to be entered in a clockwise direction. (N,E,S,W).

After doing this, click on the coins. Rookie will tell you to investigate further while he ‘guards the coins’ (a productive agent to be reckoned with).

G will call you on your Spy Phone and tell you to go to the HQ as he has found some new evidence. Click on your Spy Phone and click ‘Visit HQ’.

Talk to G and he will tell you to look at the monitor to watch the video.

After watching the video, G will tell you to go to the rooftop to investigate further. He will open the drawer (highlighted) and tell you to take a key to unlock the door.

Take the key highlighted (the yellow one in case it isn’t too clear).

Use your Map to teleport back to the Gift Shop.

Look around again for the door to G’s Office.

After finding the Rooftop door, go into your Inventory and click on your key and interact with the door to unlock it. After unlocking the door, put it back in your Inventory.

You will now be on the Rooftop. Get out your Spy Phone and click on the red button to bring out your Tools. Take the spanner.

Have the spanner interact with the Powa Box to open it.

When the Powa Box is open, click on it. This will take you inside it. Go into your Inventory and stick the paperclip in the Powa Box. This will fry the circuit and make it explode.

Before going back downstairs to check on Rookie and the coins, click on the white fibers stuck in the vent and put it in your Inventory.

Go back to the vault and go inside.

Talk to Rookie and he will tell you that the case has been solved. Finish and go back to HQ to talk to G.

Talk to G and tell him about the white fibers you found on the Rooftop.

He will ask you for the fibers. Go into your Inventory and retrieve them for G.

G will ask you for help with another task. This is optional however you need to do it to get both medals for this mission.

Click on the option highlighted.

G will tell you to go fix the Fuse Box in the Nightclub as the power went out after we blew up the Powa Box.

Look for this light in the room before leaving. You don’t need it however it can be used as an alternative for the Night Vision Goggles.

Go into Town to get to the Nightclub.

You will be greeted by a sobbing brown penguin. He will tell you that the power in the Nightclub went out while he was dancing.

Go into the Nightclub after talking to the brown penguin (who looks like he has a really bad headache and is clenching his head in pain in this picture).

After going into the Nightclub, it will be pitch black. Turn on your Night Vision Goggles or the Torch. Look for the entrance of the Boiler Room.

Go down into the Boiler Room and locate the Fuse Box.

Click on the Fuse Box and then turn off your Night Vision Goggles. The Fuse Box will have lights randomly arranged inside it. There is a list of instructions located in the right of the Fuse Box which can be referred if you are not sure how to make them all green.

After making all the lights green however, you will turn the power back on.

Go back to the Nightclub and the brown penguin (who now looks like a very happy chap) will be dancing away. Talk to him and then refer back to HQ.

Talk to G and he will thank you for your hard work. The mission will then end. Click on the highlighted boxes to get your rewards!

Congratulations! You just completed PSA #3 – Case of the Missing Coins.


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