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This post will provide a walkthrough for the fourth PSA mission: Avalanche Rescue.

If you don’t know how to access the HQ and the mission panel, click here.

If you wish to attempt the mission yourself, don’t read any further as there will be spoilers!

Teleport to the HQ and click on the mission and then click “Start Mission” to begin.

After you click “Start Mission“, you will be facing Gary the Gadget Guy. Click on him to begin a dialogue sequence.

Click the bottom, then middle, then top options to gain access into the Gadget Room.

Once you enter, scroll left until you find these shelves. Click the life preserver shooter and add it to your inventory.

Back out of the gadget room, and scroll left to find the orange exit door. Click the door to enter the old Clothes Store. Once your in, scroll right to find this penguin mannequin, and click on its belt.

You can then exit the Clothes Store via the front door, and find the crying brown penguin outside. Next to him, you can find some suspicious white fur… Click it to pick it up.

The ski lift is broken. To fix it, open your inventory and drag the belt to the broken cog.

It will open up a new screen. Simply click anywhere to continue. Back out by clicking around the edge of the screen.

Enter the Lodge, just to the left of the ski lift. Scroll to the left and click the fishing rod, add it to your inventory.

Now head to the beach. Scroll right then enter the lighthouse. Scroll left to find a boat, and click on the rope hanging out.

You now have all the items needed to make a rescue machine. Open your inventory, and drag the fishing rod to the life preserver shooter. Then drag the rope to the creation, and the contraption is complete.

You can now rescue those penguins! Head to the Mountain. Scroll right and click on the ‘Ridge Run’ sled racing slope.

A short maze will appear, but just click on the Middle, Left, Right, Middle, Left paths to find the exit.

Open your inventory and drag the contraption you made earlier to the broken fence. This will begin a short puzzle. You will need to collect certain penguins in order using your contraption.

Click the boxes shown in a 1,2,3,4 order.

Then, pick up all the penguins and drop then in this area:

They will push a boulder, and a fourth penguin will fall. Click in the marked area to collect them.

You will be taken back to the top of the Mountain. Scroll right and click on Gary, and a dialogue sequence will start. Make sure to click the top option on the first question.

Open your inventory and drag the white fur over to Gary. Finish the dialogue sequence and…
Well done! Make sure to click “Get Medal”, “Get Gift” and “Get Letter”.

These will give you the Mission 4 Medal, Gift and Letter:

Note: at the time of writing, the “Get Letter” button does not work correctly.

Congratulations! You have completed PSA Mission #4.

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