PSA Mission 5:- “Secret Of The fur” – Walkthrough

Greetings, Rebels!

This post will provide a walkthrough for the fifth PSA mission: Secret of the fur.

If you don’t know how to access the HQ and the mission panel, click here.

If you wish to attempt the mission yourself, don’t read any further as there will be spoilers!

Teleport to the PSA HQ and click on the mission and then click “TOP SECRET” to begin.

We’ll click on our desired mission, which mission no. 5, Secret of the fur.

Click on “launch mission.”

Then, click on “Start mission”.

As we start the mission, click on G.

After that click on the furensic analyzer.

Use your spy phone’s comb.

Use it on the fur.

Success! You’ve fixed the analyzer!

Click on any part of the screen to take the fur. Take the fur onto the analyzer.

The analyzer will fail to tell you who the fur belongs to, but it will tell you about the three substances that are on the fur.

– Hot chocolate

– Hot sauce

– Jet pack fuel

Now, you gotta find large samples of these substances and bring ’em back to G.

Next, head on to the pizza parlour.

Next, talk to the chef by clicking on him.

Next, head on to ski lodge using your map or spy phone.

Next, use your inventory and drag the pizza box onto the penguin.

Next, go back to pizza parlour.

Click on the chef again.

Then, click on what happened.

Then, the dialogue box will appear, click on; “Can I take come sauces as a sample to analyze?”

Take the hot sauce and chocolate sauce both.

Next, head on to the coffee shop, click on the Manager to talk to him.

Ask; “What happened here?”

Next; click on, “How would you describe the monster?”.

After that little chit-chat, click on him again.

Click on; “Let me take a look”

Click on the coffee machine.

Now, 1, Click on the on the mug at the top of the machine and drag it down.

2, Pour hot chocolate into the bowl at the top of the machine where the cup was.

3, Click on the dial on the right side of the machine so it turns it self to hot from cold.

4, Use your spy phone, use the wrench on the milk pipe.

Press the button, and your hot choco is ready!

Click on the cup, and put it in your inventory.

Next, teleport to the lighthouse.

Click on the rope in the boat. And, put it in your inventory

Next, click on one of the penguins.

Ask them what’s going on

Teleport back to the HQ, take the AC1000.

Go back to the roof the lighthouse.

Use the fan on the floating fuel can. Use the fan to drag it near you.

Use your scissors from the spy phone to cut the balloon string from the can. Click on it afterwards.

Teleport back to the HQ, tell G you’ve got all the items. Pour all the substances into the calibrating machine.

Next, take the goggles with you. Click on the machine to take it.

Go to the ski lodge, wear the goggles, Click on the penguin hiding under the sofa.

Next, go check out the back.

You’ll see a HUGE creature out in the back. Go back to the lighthouse, take a net from there, mix it with the rope. Go to the pizza parlour, take a candle from one of the tables.

Now, go back to the ski lodge, plant your trap by taking the net-rope hybrid trap. Put it on the tree.

Put the candle on the trap.

You’ve caught his companion, AND you now have another sample of his fur.

Teleport back to G, report your stuff to him.

Tell G how you caught *A* creature.

Give the crab to G.

Next, put the sample of fur we found at the lodge into the furensic analyzer.

This is where the mission ends. Get your medal and gift at the end of the mission.

Read the PSA Mission 6: Question for a Crab walkthrough here!

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Fight the good fight!

~Cosmo, RF Rebel Commander.





Hey, if you're reading this, congratulations, you just lost the game


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