Hello agent!😎 A brand new mission has been released on CPJ! This post will provide a walkthrough for Mission 6: Question for a Crab! 

If you are unsure on how to access the HQ and the missions menu check out the guide here

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Don’t continue reading if you don’t want any spoilers!

After the clicking start mission button, Click G to interact with him and he will ask if you are ready to interrogate the crab.

Click thanks for waiting, G, yes lets ask him some questions.

G will start up the Crab Translator 3000 but it will malfunction and the crab will escape and run out the door! Follow him!

Once you get to the Ski Village there will be two penguins chatting! Ask them if they have seen the crab.

They will tell you they saw it hop on the ski lift and go up the Ski Hill.

Once you get to the top of the Ski Hill you will spot the crab going down the mountain. Follow him.

You and klutzy will both fall down the hill slowly while having a staring contest.

You will land in the same wilderness area from PSA Mission #2 – G’s secret Mission. Continue following the crab!

He will then go to the river and then go through a door. You wont be able to get through the door. 🙁

You will need to find a friend to fit through the door. Search through the woods till you find a bag of o berries tied to a tree.

Grab your spy phone from your inventory. Press the red tools button which will release 3 tools! Use the scissors to cut down the bag of o berries.

Place the bag of o berries in your inventory.

Now follow this path!

You will find a sad hungry little puffle!

Give him some of the o berries you found earlier to make him happy! Yay now you have a friend! Blaze, the puffle, will help you open the annoying door!

Now scroll to the right and head back to the door!

Once there grab a o berry from your inventory, place it in front of the door, and click!

The puffle will go through the door and open it for you! Now head inside!

Once inside, you get trapped in a cage. Blaze gets scared and goes and hides.

A polar bear appears and takes your spy phone! Talk to him.

The polar bear, who is named Herbert, will tell his life story about how he ended up on the island to begin with and what his plan is.

After the story is over, Herbert and Klutzy will get in the machine and drive away!

Blaze will come out from behind the rock and try to help you escape!

Scroll to the right to get to the cage lift and place a o berry on the lever!

This will turn on the water! Put another o berry on the left side of the drain! This will make the water flow the other direction!

Finally put a o berry on the tray to the right of the water wheel! This will allow the water to flow to the water wheel lifting the cage!

Congrats you are free!! Scroll to the left and you will find a Electro Magnetic 3000 plan and a bottle of hot sauce! Collect both!
Note: To get both medals for this mission you must collect the Electro Magnetic 3000 blueprint!

Just to the right of this will be a rope and a anchor! Collect those too!

Now scroll left till you get to the door! Click it to open it! Oh no snow falls and blocks the door! :O

Go to your inventory and take a o berry from the bag! Place it in a empty slot. grab the hot sauce to pour some on the o berry! Now you have a spicy o berry!

Feed the o berry to Blaze! He will go into flame mode and create a opening in the snow slide! Now you can escape!

Once you get outside search around till you find the cliff you fell from!

In your inventory drag the rope and hook together that you found in the cave to make a grappling hook!

Click the cliffs until you get to the tallest one!

Click the cliff while holding the grappling hook to climb the mountain!

Now you are back at the Ski Hill! Ride the chairlift down to the Ski Village!

Head down to the Ski Lodge and go through the gone fishing door to see what Herbert is doing!

You will find Herbert and Klutzy working on the wood chopper! Hebert is complaining about being hungry.

Go to the pizza parlor to get him a pizza! Head through the docks, town, snow forts then you will end up in the plaza!

Talk to the pizza chef and tell him that you want a seaweed pizza!

The chef will give you a seaweed pizza pick it up and put it in your inventory! Now head back the Ski Lodge!

Once you make it back to the Ski Lodge and through the gone fishing door give the pizza to Herbert!

He will start to eat the pizza and you must act quickly! You must switch the lever direction on the machine! Click the lever on the machine from this position:

To this position:


Note: If you don’t move fast enough Herbert will start working again and  you will have to go back to the pizza parlor to get another pizza! 

Herbert will get back on the machine but it will go the wrong way and fall into the ice cold pond!

G comes to see what is going on but realizes everything is fine.

He will then ask if you have anything for him.

Give G the Electro Magnetic 3000 plan.

And that’s it!! You completed the mission! Make sure to grab ALL the mission rewards!

Congrats on completing Mission 6: Questions for a Crab!

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